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Gearvita / Skilhunt H03 RC LED Headlamp Flashlight
« Last post by gearvita on Today at 03:51:47 AM »
The Skilhunt H03 RC headlamp flashlight uses a Cree XM-L2 U4 LED beads with a max output of 1200 LED Lumens and a max beam distance of 123m, 8 output levels for various lighting demands.

Main Parameters:
LED: Cree XM-L2 U4
Max Output: 1200 lumens
Max Beam Distance: 123m
Peak Beam Intensity: 3800cd
Battery: 1 × 18650 or 2 × CR123A or 2 × RCR123A
Rated Range: 2.7V ~ 8.4V
Waterproof: IPX-8
Impact Resistant: 1 meter

Output and Runtime:
▹ with 1 × 18650 battery:
T1: 900 lumens ( / )
T2: 490 lumens ( 3.5h )
H1: 365 lumens ( 5h )
H2: 160 lumens ( 11h )
M1: 70 lumens ( 25h )
M2: 20 lumens ( 75h )
L1: 3 lumens ( 450h )
L2: 0.5 lumens ( / )

▹ with 2 × CR123A battery:
T1: 1000 lumens ( / )
T2: 500 lumens ( 1.5h )
H1: 370 lumens ( 2.5h )
H2: 160 lumens ( 5h )
M1: 70 lumens ( 10h )
M2: 20 lumens ( 35h )
L1: 3 lumens ( 200h )
L2: 0.5 lumens ( / )

Product Features:
● Super bright Cree XM-L2 U4 LED, max 1200 LED lumens output and max 123m beam distance.
● 8 output levels and 3 strobe, suitable for different environments.
● Rugged indestructible aluminum body with anti-scratching type III hard anodization, 1m impact resistance.
● Durable aluminum vacuum plating reflector, efficiency reflection, perfect beam shot, excellent structure and temperature resistance.
● Built-in magnetic charging system, fast charge and convenient.
● Multi-level dissipating heat design and new copper starboard, excellent heat dissipation.
● Head integrated construction, high thermal conductivity.
● Side switch button to change modes and adjust output, one-handed control.
● High-efficiency driver circuit, no visible flash in any mode.
● Automatic memory function, remember last used setting and can be preset to specific output mode for instant access.
● New intelligent temperature control technology for headlamp stable and safe use.
● Reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation.
● Low-voltage prompts function, the light will flash when the battery is low, remind user to replace the battery on time.
● When turning off, hold press button to activate lockout function to avoid light turn on by unexpected.
● When light lockout, location indicator will flash, easily get the light in dark.
● Waterproof IPX8, suitable for rainy weathers.

With muti-functions, Skilhunt H03 RC which you can get on GearVita is an essential and first choice for hiking, camping, car repairing, home using, fishing and emergency lighting etc.:

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Flashlight Reviews / ThruNite TH10 V2 XHP 35 HI "Thrower" Headlamp // Full Review
« Last post by robo819 on December 09, 2018, 09:13:52 AM »
This is the new ThruNite TH10 V2 “thrower” Headlamp , sent to me for review and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

(links are NON affiliated)
 TH10 V2 can be found at the main Thrunite site …..

or at the Amazon / Thrunite site …..

The TH10 V2 came in an Amazon box with large bubble wrap inside , around the ThruNite box. The contents of the ThruNite box include the TH10 V2 headlamp , a Thrunite 3100 mAh high discharge cell , the 3 strap type headband , an extra silicone / rubber holder for the headband , USB charging cable , a clip (for EDC) , 2 spare O-rings , 1 extra USB charging port cover , the user manual and a thank you card.

This is a 90 degree head , XHP 35 HI powered headlamp with boost driver. The emitter sits perfectly centered in the smooth reflector and the lens looks to be an AR coated glass. The Bezel is a smooth bezel as used on many of the ThruNite lights.

The Branding or etching is well done on the head of the light and instead of traditional knurling , this light has what I call “ribbing” on the tube. The “ribbing” is done with lateral grooves along the length of the tube , with smaller lines cut around the tube between the lateral lines. This ribbing provides a good grip and feels good to me personally and I think it gives the light a nice look also.

The TH10 V2 comes with the 3 point type (strap over the top of your head) headband and the light can be adjusted easily up or down in the silicone holder to the position you like and it seems to stay in position well. The headband is fairly comfortable to wear and seems to stay in place better than the single strap headbands do , especially with alot of movement or activity. There is also the included pocket clip which makes this light easily double as an EDC / pocket carry light. You simply remove the light from the headband , snap the clip on the tail end of the tube and you are go to go with your EDC light (head down carry).

There is a built in USB charging port that allows you to charge the cell inside the light using the provided charging cable , which is rated at 1.5 amps charge rate. If you prefer to charge the cell externally on a charger that is easily done also , as this is NOT a proprietary type cell that comes with the light.

The switch button sits down in a smooth aluminum ring on the head end of the light. Although the switch boot looks black when the light is off , is actually somewhat translucent to allow the indicator lights under it to show through when the light is in operation.
When the light is switched on (other than firefly mode) the indicator light under the switch boot shows through in Blue during normal operation. When the cell capacity is around 20% the LED indicator will turn to Red and will be constantly lighted. Once the cell is at 10% the switch indicator light will blink Red and the main LED will flash 3 times also , while the RED indicator light will continue to blink.
The indicator light also shows when the light is being charged , with RED indicating “charging” and Blue indicating “fully charged”. If there is a problem when charging (improper charging) or other problem when the USB port is used , the switch indicator light will then turn to purple.

I have tried the Protected Panasonic NCR18650B in this light and it IS a VERY TIGHT FIT. Also with the protected Panasonic cell the Turbo mode would not stay on and the light stepped back down to high within 1 to 2 seconds. I feel that this would most likely be the result with most protected cells , unless they have a high enough amperage rating to allow for the current the boost driver used in this light needs. The UNprotected High Drain FLAT Top cells will let the light operate and maintain contact with some slight bumping or jarring , but when there is a harder jolt or bump to the light the flat top cells loose contact enough that the light will flicker. ALL of the UNprotected High Drain BUTTON Top cells that I have (Efest Purple , LG HE4 , LG HE2 , Samsung 20R , and Samsung 30 Q) fit and work fine in the light and FROM VERY SHORT TEST , seem to also charge fine inside the light with the built in charger.

The Lumens , run time and tail amperage were all tested with the included 3100mAh ThruNite cell and I also did some testing with a Samsung 30 Q (3000mAh High Drain) and a LG HE4 (2500mAh High Drain). The Lumens output is just a little better with the 30 Q and the HE4 in Turbo mode (only about 70 lumens) and the rest of the modes were within 11 lumens or less using those 2 cells of what the included cell is doing. The tail amperage was also very close with all 3 cells , so instead of making charts for every cell tested , since they are that close , I just made the charts with the included ThruNite cell showing ALL the test I did and then listed the lumens comparison from the 30 Q cell since it had the highest Lumens readings of all the cells tested. I am sure the driver must be pretty well regulated just judging from this.

Here are my testing charts…….

The beam from this headlamp is a pretty tight hot spot for a small reflector head lamp , with a little bit of Corona around the main hotspot and a good useable spill for walking or such. The throw is also very good for the small head and reflector.

Here are the beamshots……..

2 Feet from white Garage door on Firefly and Low……..

50 Yards from Gate on Medium / High / Turbo……

100 Yards from Gate on High and Turbo…..

150 Yards from front of Barn on High and Turbo…..

I almost forgot to say anything about the UI. It is a pretty simple one really and there IS mode memory for the last used mode , or the mode you turn the light off in. A single click turns the light on or off and the Firefly mode is a semi long press from off (about 1 1/2 second). You can advance to the next mode (LOW) with a press and hold of 1 second from the firefly mode and each level advancing is either a 1 second press and hold , or you can simply hold down the switch button and cycle through each mode and release when the desired mode is reached. The mode order excluding Firefly is Low / Medium-Low / Medium / High / SOS. The Turbo mode can be activated from any mode including OFF , with a quick double click of the switch. And yes that reads right in that the SOS IS included in the main UI. I have already suggested to ThruNite that they consider making the SOS mode hidden (possibly 3 clicks) to activate it , or something of that nature.

Other than the SOS mode being in the main UI sequence , I am really liking this light. It has a great throw for the smaller sized head / reflector , it looks good and has a good feel. The fact that it can be used for a headlamp or EDC , make it a little more versatile than most of the headlamps out there right now and it comes as the complete package if someone does not have cells or a charger already and wanted this light. Of course as with all my Thrunite products that I have to date (I think 15 now) this light has the great build quality that I have come to expect from the ThruNite products. I have to give this one a thumbs up.

For those who may not want to watch the whole video , the live outdoor footage comparing this light with the Thrunite TC15 and the Olight H2R Nova , starts at 12:24 of the video timeline.

Youtube Video followed by listed specs…………

•LED: CREE XHP35 HI with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
•Runs on: 1 x IMR 18650 3100mAh battery.
•Reflector: Smooth reflector.
•Working voltage: 2.75V-4.2V.
•Charging current/voltage: 2.75 – 4.2 V.
•Output & Runtime (Tested with ThruNite 3100mAh 18650 IMR battery):
◦Turbo (2100-753 lumen; 2 mins+73 mins)
◦High (1100 lumen; 90 minutes)
◦Medium (350 lumen; 4 hrs)
◦Medium-Low (138 lumen; 13 hrs)
◦Low (37 lumen; 57 hrs)
◦Firefly (1 lumen; 40 days)
◦SOS (630 lumen; 285 minutes)
•Peak Beam Intensity: 23600 cd.
•Max beam distance: 307 m.
•Impact resistant: 1.5 meters.
•Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
•Weight: 71g without battery&head-strap.
•Dimensions: 107mm (Length) x 28.5 × 24mm
Flashlight Collections / Re: A few favorites
« Last post by Pondsirima on December 06, 2018, 07:42:16 AM »
It is very impressive. This site has a very good content to subscribers to subscribe to read.
I have read and studied this content. It gives me new knowledge that I will remember for the rest of my life.
I want to uprade me old school sure fire aviator build which build do get that is very bright.

I want a head lamp that does everything, one that I can use as a flashlight has a magnetic strip takes double As is bright and has the option of redlight

I also want a small EDC light that is good in all aspects that is cheap and takes double As that's good for around 50

I would also like something that is big rechargeable and bright to plug in by the front door for spotting things in the yonder off my porch.

Gearvita / GearVita Christmas Promotion Combines Xiaomi and Huawei Brand Sales
« Last post by gearvita on December 05, 2018, 10:26:41 AM »
Christmas is coming! From December 5th, GearVita Christmas Promotion will be officially launched with the Xiaomi and Huawei brand sales. The event will last until December 15th, and all participating products will enjoy 10% discount with the coupon code "XMASGV10FF". Any order over $50 will get a $9.59 redemption for add-on, with one unit per item and only one chance per order. In order to better welcome the upcoming Christmas, we also offer a lot of Christmas gifts under $40 for you, and it is also a good choice to buy for family and friends. This time, we have selected a lot of hot-selling smartphones, tablets and accessories, smart watches, audio products, smart homes and other products on our website to participate in this promotion. The all products on the event pages can get the 10% discount by use the coupon code, except for add-on.

In addition, all Xiaomi products on our website can get a 10% discount with the coupon code "MISALE10". Similarly, all Huawei products can get a 10% discount with the coupon code "HUAWEI10". All Xiaomi and Huawei products, ALL! It is really attractive, right?

The promotion will end on December 16th, hurry to choose and buy! For detailed event products, please visit:

Gearvita / Xiaomi Mijia Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 - A Master of Eye Comfort
« Last post by gearvita on December 05, 2018, 05:56:03 AM »
Xiaomi Mijia Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 is not just a simple desk lamp, but also a master of eye comfort. It's a more affordable smart lamp in their second collaboration with Philips, it is dedicated to releasing eye strain and the luminance is controllable via smartphone APP.

Meanwhile, with the built-in light sensor, it will automatically adjust luminance. By collecting and processing light signals through a light sensor, using a patented light calibration algorithm and Gamma light curve to offer more pleasant lighting. Optimizes illuminance contrast ratio to meet IESNA standard, ensuring your eyes have the right light for the task at hand.

Product Features:
● Eye Comfort
Designed to deliver optimal eye comfort as you read or work.

● Dual Light Source
Contrast ratio to meet IESNA standard, ensuring your eyes have the right light for the task at hand.

● Flood and Uniform Lighting
90cm diameter wide-angle lighting according to GB 50034 - 2004 standard, optimizing the light when working or reading to maximize eye comfort.

● Build-in Light Sensor
Under eye care mode, it will collect and process light signals through a light sensor, using a patented light calibration algorithm and Gamma light curve to offer more pleasant lighting.

● Folding Design
The lamp can fold up to 180 degrees and has a long projectile motion, giving you more light coverage.

● Smart Control
This lamp can easily be paired with Mi Home App and supports smartphones operating on Android and iOS.

● Smart Night Light
With light sensor, when it gets dark, the lamp automatically enters smart night light mode, touch any of the keys to turn it on.

● Stepless Dimming via Smartphones
The lamp is customizable and can be personalized to deliver different light levels via Mi Home App.

● Personal Scene Setting
Further, the smart lamp can also be connected with other Xiaomi smart home devices through the cloud to get more possibilities.

Price at $51.99 on GearVita, it can not only be used as a eyecare lamp, but also add some elegance to your desk thanks to its elegant and exquisite appearance, gives you comfortable use experience:

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Gearvita / Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bedside Lamp - Dream in 16 Million Colors
« Last post by gearvita on December 04, 2018, 03:31:55 AM »
This Xiaomi Mijia smart bedside lamp uses high CRI osram LED, offering16 million RGBW lights for your year-round choice. With simply touch and slide, you can adjust brightness and colors as you deisred. Also, special lights design provides you different scenarios. Moreover, you can control the lamp for more fun using delicated App.

Product Features:
● Magic Colors
A tremendous range of 16 million colors for choise.

● Dimmable
Adjust color temperature and brightness for suitable light.

● Color Temperature
1700K-6500K color temperature gradual change function.

● Perfect CRI
Professional optical design with high-quality Osram LED that of high color rendering index.

● Touch Control
Simple touch to adjust brightness/change color/delay switch off/switch light mode as you desired.

● Smartphone Controls
Can be controlled by smartphones through WiFi or bluetooth. Built in multiple scene modes, the porprietary APP lets you get access to your desired lighting easily.

● Mi Band Linkage
Through the MIJIA APP, the bedside lamp and your Mi band binding, then it will be based on your sleep state to determine whether or not to turn off the lights, no longer interrupt your hazy sleepy.

● High-quality Manufacturing
Uses high-precision CNC anodized blasting and cutting techniques to ensure flawless construction.

Every bedroom requires something a little different, this Mijia bedside lamp's minimalist design is perfect for every bedroom. Get it from GearVita and start a colorful life:

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Battery discussion / Re: BASEN 26650 Battery's
« Last post by Kainaki on December 03, 2018, 10:11:30 AM »
We accept and love very much for what you are offering.
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