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General Flashlight Discussion / Re: Poll: How many flashlights do you own?
« Last post by david57strat on August 20, 2017, 08:33:30 PM »
I just gave away a few to my Mom.   As of today, it's 90 lights - and 18 chargers lol (most of them are XTAR units).

Of the 90 lights, 57 of them are running on 18650 batteries (my first choice for EDC lights).
Flashlight Reviews / Video review: Niteye JET-RRT2
« Last post by hoschdebacha on August 20, 2017, 12:13:26 AM »
Useful Flashlight Information / Re: Batteries, USB & Charging Equipment
« Last post by lightme on August 19, 2017, 04:27:50 AM »
Just have a quick read, what a comprehensive explanation of battery & chargers. Nice, thank you, already bookmarked it and will have a deeper read later!  8)
Useful Flashlight Information / Re: LED Names & Size Comparisons
« Last post by ilovelight on August 19, 2017, 04:17:14 AM »
Wow, amazing! I don't even know that there are so many types of leds until i read your post. VERY USEFUL, thank you very much  ;)
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: Poll: How many flashlights do you own?
« Last post by lightme on August 19, 2017, 04:12:05 AM »
as a new comer in flashlight field, i just have 3 flashlights now, and two of them are keychain flashlight: CooYoo Quantumn SS & zareflare f6, and another one is an AAA from Jetbeam. Of course, i will add more in the near future. :D
Flashlight Reviews / Review Maxtoch Shooter 2X (XHP 70.2) newest version
« Last post by robo819 on August 18, 2017, 05:19:32 PM »
This is the Maxtoch Shooter 2X newest version with XHP 70.2 emitter. This light was sent for my review and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.
The light can be found at…….. is external)

The Shooter 2X XHP-70.2 is the newest if the Maxtoch 2X series of light. It is designed more for general purpose , search and rescue , camping and such type environments than the original 2X was with its massive downrange throw.

The new 2X is top notch quality from end to end and both on the inside and outside. . When I took this light from the package and inspected it very carefully , I could not find any thin or bare spots anywhere on the anodizing , the AR lens and the reflector were totally dust free and clear as could be. The Threads are just silky smooth on the sample I received and were lubed just right. There are also double O-ring seals at the tail end to help with waterproofing. All of the contact points (contact or ground rings) on the MCPCB and driver and the springs on the driver and tail switch are gold plated and there are NO sharp edges anywhere that I can find on the light.

The main business of the light there is the tried and proven Maxtoch DTP copper board that the XHP-70.2 emitter sits on for a great thermal path. That emitter is driven by the Maxtoch Buck driver which has also served well for the lights it has been used in from the past , but the driver in the newest versions is upgraded and should be of even better quality.
This new version is also pretty light weight for the size of light it is really , weighing in at only 317 grams without the cells. This means NO shoulder straps or big bulky handles are needed to carry the light fairly comfortably for a long period.

This new 2X is not what I would classify as a thrower light , but it is not all flood either. There is s good balance of both throw and flood with the XHP 70.2 emitter and smooth reflector , as it is set up in this light , does a pretty good job getting down range to see well , but at the same time it illuminates a pretty large area also. The beam in the new 2X , is a more defined beam than something like the Convoy L6 has , with the Orange Peel reflector in it , and at the same time is no so defined or as tight of a beam as a dedicated thrower. The dark spot or “X” that is seen with the original XHP 70 emitter in a smooth reflector is almost unnoticeable with regular use of the new 2X . When I say regular use , I mean if you shine it on a white wall at close distance , then yes you will see somewhat of a dark spot , but not nearly like the original XHP 70 in a smooth reflector.

The working order of the modes on the new 2X are….. Turbo / High / Medium / Low (NO blinkies) and after 3 or 4 seconds the light memorizes the last used mode and turns back on in that mode next time. The switch is a forward clicky , or as many call them a “tactical” switch , meaning you also have the momentary on in any mode with a half press of the switch button. The half press is also used to change modes and then a full depression of the switch until it clicks to lock in that mode , or constant on and a simple click to turn the light off.

The new 2X is powered by two 20700 cells or with the included adapter ring , 18650 cells can also be used to power the light.
The new 2X will run in the Turbo mode constantly with NO step down needed and will hold full brightness until the cells are depleted , at which time the Low Voltage Protection will turn the light off. The light will get fairly hot in stagnant air (no airflow) but does handle the heat pretty well with moderate to good air flow and does not get real hot when you have air flow of some type over the light.

As for the output and the only run time test I have done so far with this light , Maxtoch seems to have the Turbo and High modes listed a little low and the Medium and Low are fairly close to my readings as shown in the charts below………

Overall for the purpose this light was designed for , I have NO complaints and I think Maxtoch has made another great light with the newest 2X XHP 70.2 version.

For those who do not want to watch the whole video , the teardown and still beamshots start at 9:37 in the video timeline and the outside live footage comparing the Convoy L6 starts at 14:32 of the video timeline.

Video followed by the listed specs…………..

Brand Name: MAXTOCH
Model Number: 2X XHP70.2
 LED Type: CREE XHP70.2
 Max output: 3800LM
 Modes: Turbo-High-Med-Min
 Size: L 250 mm * D 69 mm
 Weight – 315g
 Battery: 2pcs 207000 Li-ion battery
 Lighting Period (h): 1
 Features: 3800lm, Cree XHP-70 LED, AR Lens, Copper LED Base
 Warranty: 1 year

Product Description
Important notice —- this is 2X XHP70.2 version with WIDE ANGLE beam. For focused beam, please choose 2X dedomed U4 version.

All flashlights are in black color. It is just to distinguish different accessory combination.

Set 1 = 1 x flashlight + spare accessories
Set 2 = 1 x flashlight + holster + spare accessories
Set 3 = 1 x flashlight + 20700 battery + spare accessories
Set 4 = 1 x flashlight + 20700 battery + battery charger + holster + spare accessories
Set 5 = 1 x flashlight + 20700 battery + battery charger + car charger + holster + spare accessories
Hi~For woods, that should be in higher lumens, attack head needed for emergency, and waterproof.
Here, I'd like to share some models with you.

I bet you will love these! 
Bought a flashlight on Amazon deal which just $9.99: named Lightsetc, guys good luck for me, after it dead, will update here.
Useful Flashlight Information / Re: LED Names & Size Comparisons
« Last post by alistomasion on August 17, 2017, 05:28:57 AM »
Oh, until come TFF, i found what is a pro LED forum, must better than the others
Useful Flashlight Information / Re: Batteries, USB & Charging Equipment
« Last post by alistomasion on August 17, 2017, 05:27:41 AM »
Awsome~! what a great post, but it seen one day can read all of them, mark it first ;)
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