Author Topic: Some Ideas About Tactical Flashlight Choices  (Read 70 times)

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Some Ideas About Tactical Flashlight Choices
« on: September 12, 2017, 10:31:57 AM »
Not all flashlights are called tactical flashlights, rather than tactical flashlights in their names. Tactical flashlight has not been defined clearly yet, but its mission application involves search, the target recognition, light control three elements. And there is a premise: the tactical flashlight application scenario is focused on weapons and threats under the premise!
Just like military equipment, look at the tactical flashlight, the first is to see reliability(including battery). For example, waterproof, surface oxidation, material, and structure.
See if the switch is simple or not, if it multiple stalls, also pay attention to switching operations and circuit logic.
The second is brightness. First, the concept of brightness is not suitable for lumen measurement, but for the intensity of light received on a given object. The light scattered out of the edge of the light does not make sense in this light.
Most people probably don't know that it takes only 80 lm to produce effects on the human eye.
Many times we seem to have a faulty flashlight, not the flashlight itself has a problem, but the complexity of the light environment in which it is used.
At present, the most commonly accepted high performance power source is the lithium battery.

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