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Change From Ordinary Flashlight To Tactical Flashlight
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:11:38 AM »
Development Of Tactical Flashlight
What is the biggest difference between a tactical flashlight and a traditional flashlight? In my opinion, it is the change of the button position. The button of the traditional flashlight is on the side of the barrel, you should turn around to find the button when you take it out. Itís necessary to confirm the switch position to operation.
When the first tactical flashlight is available, reverse holding the flashlight, and the position of the thumb is the switch. From then on, the tail switch becomes the standard configuration of the tactical flashlight.
We often say that tactical products should be simple and reliable. Itís important to note that simple is not crude, the use of the tactical flashlight requires frequent lighting, so the simplicity of operator is very important.
The most important function of flashlight is lighting. For tactical flashlight, it is necessary to switch sensitive.None of the other functions can affect the use of the main function, or else it will outweigh the benefits.
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