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Title: Noob from NM
Post by: OneleggedPeter on February 11, 2018, 07:32:05 PM
My name  is  Bill.  I  live in southern  New  Mexico, and  I  have  recently  aquired the addiction  that is Flashlights.  Before  I  found  this  forum ,  I  was reading up on lights over on Reddit. 

I'm  an auto  mechanic, and I  use a flashlight  dozens  of  times a day.  It may be on for 20  seconds at a time, or 20 minutes.  I carry my light in a belt holster 90+% of the  time.   Where I live  is a pretty  rural area with  no municipal  lighting, and  have  had  to  go  searching  heavy  brush for a missing dog.  That incident a couple  of  years  ago  is what made me  start  my quest for for a better  light, as I  found  out  that  searching  down in brush covered ditches for  a  possibly  injured  dog,  at night, with an under-powered light, well, it just  sucked.  BTW, yes, we  found  her tangled in the  brush at the bottom  of  a 30 foot ditch.

 I am always on the  hunt for  THE light.  Like many  before  me, I was suckered into  the  Atomic  Beam, G700, and their myriad  of clones.   They were all reasonably  bright, while they worked, but I am  tired  of buying  crappy lights.  I am here to research  what  light will  be  my next purchase.   After I've  done  more research, I'll post about  what I  have ,  what  I like, and what  I  want.   

At this point  in  time ,  the two main lights that  I  am  considering  are the Thrunite TC12 V2 and the Nextorch PA5.   The problems are:
1) The  Thrunite  isn't  a  zoomie.
2) The  Nextorch is  a bit pricier  than I wanted.  I was hoping  to  keep  it  under   $50.  I am  willing  to  spend  the  $65 for it, but I can't  find  any reviews  for it other  than  the  one review  on  One review? That's  concerning.

So anyways ,  hi from  New  Mexico .

Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: SG-1 on February 11, 2018, 10:04:07 PM
Hello Bill, welcome to the forum.  I live in the country & it does gets very dark near new moons. Is the light you seek for every day carry?

If so I recommend something that can produce 1000+ lumens & uses an 18650 battery.

I like the Thrunite TC12 V2.

I currently carry a Thorfire 15S everyday.  So far it is holding up, but is a lower end light selling for under $25. I like the way the mode selection works, no strobe & it comes back on at the same lumens where it was turned off.  It can use a flattop battery.  I use mine like you, it is on & off dozens of times during my shift, that is my concern, the switch will give out. For the price I can keep a back up. No big deal if it gets lost or destroyed in a drop. I use a holster too.

For search & rescue I am using  GiareBeam LED Flashlight 5X CREE XM-L T6 6000 Lumens. I actually have two of those too. Very impressed by the lumen to $$ ratio.  Its cost was under $50. I also keep a spare sets of 18650 batteries.

There are some very impressive headlights now too for cheep, with the added bonus that both hands are free.

This one is great for close in & medium range:

For Search & Rescue or just walking through the woods on a moonless night something more like this:

Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: SG-1 on February 11, 2018, 10:11:04 PM
Bill, the GiareBeam is the one with 5 emitters.  The Ustallar has more reach, but the beam is very tight.
Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: OneleggedPeter on February 12, 2018, 12:19:30 AM
Thanks  for  that.  I am  wanting  to  use an 18650, as i probably  have  a  dozen  or  so from various  failed  lights. The two that you  suggested  are both heaflamps, but I  really  am  looking for  a handheld  unit.  I have  my wants & needs written  up, but felt it rude to post it prior to  doing my  part  of  the  research .   Eventually  I  may  go to  a  headlamp, but I  am  not  there yet.
In answer  to  your  question ,  yes, it's  for  EDC as well  as  work.
Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: SG-1 on February 12, 2018, 02:03:57 PM
The Thorfire & Giarebeam are not headlamps.
Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: OneleggedPeter on February 12, 2018, 07:15:28 PM
Ah, now I see my error...I missed the sentence about "There are some very impressive headlights..."...  I just checked out the links you posted.  Thanks for the help!!
Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: SG-1 on February 13, 2018, 04:59:32 AM
Good, we are on the same page now.
Title: Re: Noob from NM
Post by: OneleggedPeter on February 27, 2018, 02:09:10 AM
Well, I  decided  to  go  a little  different  direction. I opted to order a Thrunite Neutron  2C V3.  I received  it  last Friday.  Several things  that are new for me.  It's my first  side switch. It's  my first  18650 cell light that's  not a zoomie, its my first Neutral White light, and  it's  the  first  time  for  me  to  spend  this kind  of  money  on a light.  I'm  still  trying  to  get  used  to  the  side  switch .   We'll  see .