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Flashlight Reviews / Re: Review WowTac A1S BSS Tac V2 // new UI and other upgrades
« Last post by bykfixer on October 21, 2017, 07:28:37 PM »

The non tactical one looks more like my cup of tea.
Flashlight Reviews / Review WowTac A1S BSS Tac V2 // new UI and other upgrades
« Last post by robo819 on October 19, 2017, 02:01:37 PM »

This is the WowTac A1S BSS TAC V2 sent to me by WowTac and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

Light can be found at the main Wowtac site (links are NON affiliated)……….. is external)
 or at ….. is external)

This light is the newest in the A1 series line up of Wowtac lights.
 The “BSS” in the new name on the light is the initials for “Black Scout Survival” who as I understand helped develop this particular design.

The A1S BSS TAC V2 , is an 18650 sized tube light basically , with both tail switch and side switch. The tail switch can be used as a momentary on and it is also the main on / off switch for the light and the side switch is used for the mode changes which are…… L / M / H / Turbo / SOS. The light has mode memory and will come on in the last used mode when turned off and reactivated (other than SOS and Strobe). With this new light it has also been added on the tail switch , a half press for momentary on with a single half press , Turbo with a double half press and strobe with a triple half press of the tail switch, Once the desired mode is reached with the half press , then continue with a full press of the tail switch for the “constant on” in that mode if the constant on is desired. The last used regular mode can also be activated with the half press or a full press back to constant on.

With the Kit on the new light , you get the Red screw on lens filter and the tactical type strike bezel , along with the included 2600mAh rechargeable cell , charging cord and 2 extra O-rings. The Red filter and the strike bezel both screw on via the threads made on the inside of the main “smooth” bezel of the light and both are very solid once screwed on. The main lens IS an AR coated lens on the light and I cant tell for sure , but it looks like the Red lens is also coated.

This new version of the A1S has a XP-L V6 emitter and is a cool white , although I am unsure of the bin. There is also the Low Voltage Indicator , the light will blink 2 times periodically when the cell gets low as an indication. The Anodizing is very clean on the Light I recieved , threads are smooth , well cut square threads and were lightly lubed . There is a Manual “lockout” , as the threads are anodized on the tailend and head end both , so either one works for the manual lockout. I have not found any sharp edges on this light and the machining is all well done , as is the knurling on the light. The modes are all well spaced and the light has a very good output for the size.

With the Red lens screwed on this light , as with most “filtered” lights , the output is cut down alot , but out to 70 yards or so you can see well with the red filter. The Red also comes in handy for night time map reading and such in the low mode without destroying your night vision. I was not able to test the lumens with the red filter on the light however , as there is something about the colored lights that my light box does not pick up the colored lights right and I get a ridiculous high or ridiculous low reading , one or the other usually.

The new A1S series light does have good run time. The turbo timer , or step down is at 4 minutes on the new A1S V2. It is set at about the right point , as I dont think it would need to run in the Turbo mode any longer because the light is getting to the point of being pretty hot when the step down occurs. Over the next 45 seconds or so from the 4 minute mark , there was a gradual step down to 566 lumens , instead of the instant “BAM” to the lower mode.

At 10 feet on white Garage Door L/M/H/ Turbo

The Listed Lumens are also fairly close with what I got on the actual tested Lumens Using the included cell. Of course using a LG HG2 High drain cell the lumens actually went somewhat higher, All of that as listed in the charts above.
At 25 Yards Medium High and Turbo Modes

The Only Cons I have with this particular light is , I would like to see the SOS hidden as the Strobe is , so you dont have to cycle through that mode when your are using the light for regular use. Also a choice of Neutral or cool instead of just the cool emitter. Other than that really the new A1S series light is a very solid built light it seems and should do well.

The rest of the beamshots , still shots of the light and everything is in the video.
 For those who don’t want to watch the whole video the Still shots and beamshots start at 6:30 in the timeline of the Video and the live outdoor footage showing the Red Filter Lens and comparing this light with the Thorfire TK15 S and the Thrunite TC12 V2 starts at 12:09 in the video timeline.
The embed codes are not working here , so the link to the Youtube video is here if you want to see the rest of everything.

•One USB rechargeable 3400mAh 18650 battery included which provides 1150 lumens output.
•Cree XP-L V6 LED
•Reverse polarity protection design to protect from improper battery installation.
•Aircraft-grade aluminum body.
•Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
•Low Power Indication: When the voltage of the battery is low, the light will blink twice periodically.
•Direct access to strobe mode: when the light is ON, long press to quickly access to strobe mode.
•The light will turn on in the last mode accessed.
•Dimension: 140mm*25.4mm; weight: 89g (excluding battery).
•30 days worry-free money back; 2 years limited warranty for flashlight; 1 year limited warranty for battery.

•Spare O-rings x 2
•USB charge Cable x 1
•Pocket Clip x 1
•Red Lens Cover*1
•Strike Bezel*1
•Instruction Manual x 1
•Customized USB rechargeable 3400mAh 18650 battery x 1

3 / Acebeam K30 Flashlight Review. A beer can sized 5000 lumen torch.
« Last post by Acebeam on October 19, 2017, 02:35:04 AM »

This review of the Acebeam K30 shows just how powerful a single LED flashlight can be.  The Cree XHP70.2 pumps out over 5200 lumens in a light about the same size as a soda can.  I test the output figures, walk around with it at night,  verify runtimes, and more. 
Flashlight Collections / Re: The Bykfixer collection
« Last post by bykfixer on October 18, 2017, 01:58:38 AM »
Recent additions: Some received a mod or two. Others are new to the collection.

Elzetta Bones and Alpha with a Laser Products 6P

Bones gets a speed clip and Alpha hi/lo tailcap, Alpha gets a QCB  bezel and twisty tailcap, Laser Products 6P with Malkoff M61WLL gets a speed clip attached to the tail cap.
The Bones and 6P both have a wrist lanyard that when pocket carried droops from the pocket. Two finger quick grab of the loop allows for insta nun-chuk if need be.

Early 90's 3D Camel promo Maglite and a modern 2D Malkoff'd one

Late 80's production 2D Maglite and a3C ML50L. Both with wrist lanyards
Flashlight Reviews / Re: Fenix CL09 Review
« Last post by rookiedaddy on October 17, 2017, 05:27:32 PM »
Update 2017-10-17

Part 1 of 3
Received feedback from Fenix, here is a summary of what Fenix wrote back:

  • ANSI standard don't specify for camping light
  • 2 hours 40 minutes is calculated time from 200 lumens to 20 lumens
  • Output of Turbo Mode starts to drop after 20 minutes
  • ARB-L16-700U battery power is lower than ARB-L16-700
  • Fenix QC tested the CL09 with fully charged ARB-L16-700U, it continues to light up after 2 hours

Part 2 of 3
I asked my distributor if I can get a replacement for the Iron Grey Fenix CL09, they said YES with no question ask. So I sent the light back to them yesterday and get myself an Iron Grey Fenix CL09 replacement, together with it, I made another purchase for a Black Fenix CL09.

Although the replacement Iron Grey works as advertised (finally!), the Black CL09 is having the same problem like my returned Iron Grey CL09, that is, it drops to Low Mode at approximately 37 minutes.
I have reported the issue to my distributor as well as Fenix. Also decided to keep the Black CL09 as further testing reveal that the only issue is with the Turbo Mode, all other modes works as it should.

Batteries fully charged before testing begins.

Following are the runtime pictures of both Fenix CL09 on Turbo Mode (do note that the Iron Grey on the left is the normal CL09 while the Black on the right is the abnormal CL09):

Control Shot

After 10 minutes

After 20 minutes

After 30 minutes

@ 37 minutes, the Black CL09 brightness drops to Low Mode. There is no tricks here, see the following picture comparing the Moon Mode of both CL09.

After 40 minutes

After 50 minutes

After 60 minutes

After 1.5 hours

Just a little 5 minutes shy of 2 hours, at 1 hour 55 minutes, this is closely similar to @narmattaru and @toobadorz runtime.

After 3 hours

After ~3.6 hours

At this point, we have already past the manufacturer's claimed Turbo Mode runtime, but note however, it's Moon Mode after on Turbo Mode 37 minutes. So it's a huge difference between what the manufacturer claims and what happens with this abnormal CL09.

Part 3 of 3
Feeling a little frustrated and confused, decided to check the current draw of both lights, and here are the results:

The above readings are taken based on a charged LiIon battery ~4.1V.

Since I can't disassemble the CL09, I can only speculate what causes the abnormal runtime behavior on the Black (and the returned Iron Grey unit) CL09 Turbo Mode is the higher current draw. It does help to explain why it prematurely drops to Low Mode and I speculate my previous test of the AW IMR and the 6 months old Olight 163P06 gave the illusion that the abnormal CL09 works with these cells is due to the results of higher internal resistance from these cells and they drive the light to stepped down to lower mode earlier and thus appears to work without sharp dropping to Low Mode.

Well, it's not scientific, just my speculations, you are welcome to provide and draw your own conclusions.

With the above, I stand by giving the light 2 stars for the abnormal CL09, while 5 stars if you are lucky to get a normal working one.
Flashlight Reviews / Re: Fenix CL09 Review
« Last post by rookiedaddy on October 17, 2017, 02:03:15 AM »
Question:  Did you add plumber's tape to that PD40 on the right, and some sort of textured padding to both switch buttons?
That's a rescue-tape (a silicone-based self fusing tape) to cushion drops and provide addition friction grip.
Yes, it's a 3D texture button to provide a feedback (stop) to the finger in the dark, especially when wearing gloves and it's much easier to press the switch with it.  ;D
Flashlight Reviews / Re: Fenix CL09 Review
« Last post by david57strat on October 16, 2017, 11:21:49 PM »
About the only Fenix light that I'm still EDCing (but in a bag) is the 26650-driven PD40 (fourth light from the left, in the group shot), which is a wonderful flood light, with an MT-G2 tint).
PD40? Yeah! That's one nice neutral white output that I just can't get enough of... that MT-G2 tint is just sweet!

Amen to that!  I picked mine up on a Group Buy, through BLF, in April of 2015.  I wish I had bought two, rather than one.

Question:  Did you add plumber's tape to that PD40 on the right, and some sort of textured padding to both switch buttons?
Flashlight Reviews / Re: Fenix CL09 Review
« Last post by rookiedaddy on October 16, 2017, 01:35:47 PM »
About the only Fenix light that I'm still EDCing (but in a bag) is the 26650-driven PD40 (fourth light from the left, in the group shot), which is a wonderful flood light, with an MT-G2 tint).
PD40? Yeah! That's one nice neutral white output that I just can't get enough of... that MT-G2 tint is just sweet!
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: What is your primary EDC light lately?
« Last post by david57strat on October 16, 2017, 05:10:31 AM »
Lately, I've been carrying these three, on-person, while not at work.

Left to Right: Armytek Dobermann XP-L cool white, Zebralight SC600w Mk III, and Zebralight SC600w (XH-P35, 4500K  Mk II L2, XM-L2, also 4500K).

The Armytek Dobermann XP-L is the only cool white light of the bunch.  I tend to prefer neutral and warmer tints, and the Nichia 2119B is my absolutely favorite tint of all). this Surefire 6P 18650 Oveready-bored body, with Solarforce A001 head, B2 stainless bezel, S20 stainless switch, and loaded wit a Sportac Triple Nichia 219B 2-mode drop-in).  This one is almost always carried in a bag, these days.

But, sometimes it's nice to have a high-powered cool white spotter, and this one works very well, and is built like a tank.
Flashlight Reviews / Zanflare F3 Review
« Last post by lightme on October 16, 2017, 04:57:41 AM »
Zanflare is a new up and rising brand, but compared favorably to other established brands. Models like F1, F2, and F6 from Zanflare are with good reputation in the market. Recently, it released a new flagship F3 which is an AAA EDC flashlight.

Compact size
Affordable (with coupon only $9.99)
Use easy-to-get AAA battery

No Strobe
Batteries not included

Zanflare F3 comes in a simple-design white box. Along with the light, there is a keychain, a clip, two spared O-ring, and the English manual. It is a simple and compact EDC flashlight in 3.43 inches of long and 30g of weight. Made of Aluminium Alloy with black finished, it’s solid and durable which supports Impact Resistance to 1.5m and IPX8 waterproof standard. Its body is designed with exquisite skid-resistant knurling which offers an extremely comfortable grip. You can also find the smart logo of Zanflare sits in the middle of the flashlight body. Zanflare is designed with tail switch, thus, it may be impossible to stand the flashlight on its tail cap.

Zanflare F3 uses CREE XP-G2 LED with orange peel reflectors. The LED supports a lifespan of 50000 hours run time. Powered by one AAA battery that is easy and cheap to buy, it makes output up to 150 lumens, and supports up to 46 hours runtime in the low mode (3 lumens). But honest, its beam is not good as I expected.

150 lumens    0.7 hrs
35 lumens   3.8 hrs   
3 lumen           46 hrs

Memory function is available for this flashlight, which allows a direct access to the previously used brightness level when the light is reactivated. In addition, this flashlight doesn’t support the Strobe mode which might be considered as a drawback. But if you’re looking for an AAA focus flashlight without annoying strobe/SOS modes, it’s ideal for you.

Similar with the Zanflare F2, the F3 comes with a tail switch. It’s very easy to operate. Press the tail switch button to turn it on / off. When the light is on, touch it gently to switch between low, mid and high mode. Besides, twist the tail cap counterclockwise to unlock it and insert the battery.

In summary, as an AAA flashlight, the Zanflare F3 offers users both the sweetspot of size and convenience.

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