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Flashlight Collections / Re: The Bykfixer collection
« Last post by bykfixer on March 17, 2018, 09:14:54 PM »
Hey Wilson....

I got another SureFire the other day.

A pre-built lego.
SureFire's new Aviator body mimics an E1 body very well.

Also decided to see what those crazy kids at Quik Lite were all excited about.

Peachy keen little flashlights.

Cop light family reunion.
100+ years of police lights all gathered for a photo earlier today to welcome the newest member the Quik Lite pro hands free ticket lighter.
Flashlight Reviews / [REVIEW] Nitecore EA8W ( 8 x AA XM-L U2 )
« Last post by old4570 on March 17, 2018, 12:12:28 AM »








 A quick note about  ..  To get the latest greatest price ( if there is a better price than quoted )
1. Add the product to the chart
2. Point the mouse to the trolley at the top bar and click view chart
3. Click have a coupon code and type    map 



 Nitecore EA8W ( 8 x AA / XM-L U2 )  Sent for review by : = Product link

 On removing the EA8W from its box the first thing that struck me was just how Maglite the EA8W felt in the hand and stuffing the light full of Eneloops just made the EA8W even more Maglite like in the hand .  One of the first things I did was take the EA8W for a walk and there really is some heft there . This really is one throw'y light . Even in the lower modes it THROWS .  I measured some 39-40 thousand LUX @ 1 meter in ( Ultra Lo > Lo > Mid > Hi > Turbo > SOS ) Turbo . I must say I was unable to find SOS , there is how ever strobe . I find it really interesting that there are two ways to turn on the light ( or two Levels for modes ) . If you soft touch the button ( much like changing modes on a reverse clicky ) you get the first set of modes - Ultra Low - Low - Medium and High . If you fully click the button you go straight into Turbo and if you soft touch the button again ( AKA changing modes on a reverse clicky ) you go into high mode .  No matter the mode you are in , if you give a relatively quick double click you get strobe mode .  To put the light into standby , hold the switch down ( with the light on ) until the light flashes you . Now the light will only turn on by holding the button down until the light turns back on . ( You will start in the soft touch Levels )

  I have to say I am seriously impressed by the build quality of this light , I have absolutely nothing to complain about in regards to quality . The tail cap is one of the smoothest I can recall , the anodizing is deep and rich and very even . The only thing I could possibly mention is the size of the clicky switch . It's in no shape or form a deal breaker but its a little on the small size for such a large light and I would have felt more at home with a button maybe twice as big , especially if using a gloved hand .


 Performance :

  The EA8W runs on 8 AA batteries and this is a huge plus for those folks that don't want to get involved with li-ion batteries . I tested the EA8W with two lots of NIMH batteries , Eneloops and Turnigy 2550  , as well Alkaline batteries . The batteries are put in through the rear of the light into machined groves that hold the AA in place . There are clear markings which way to place the batteries ( in pairs ) . so its 2 by 2 by 2 by 2 for a total of 8 . If you wanted to you could run the light on just 4 batteries .


  Eneloops :

  Ultra Low = 2 Lumens ( Measured )

  Low = 41 Lumens ( Measured )

  Medium = 175 Lumens

  High = 575 Lumens


  Turbo = 816 Lumens

  High  = 575 Lumens


  Turnigy 2550 :

  Ultra Low = 2 Lumens

  Low = 41 Lumens

  Medium = 171 Lumens

  High = 570 Lumens


  Turbo = 809 Lumens

  High = 571 Lumens


  Alkaline Batteries :

  Ultra Low = 2 Lumens

  Low = 41 Lumens

  Medium = 174 Lumens

  High = 574 Lumens


  Turbo = 823 Lumens

  High = 582 Lumens



 Looking at the light box results , I can only conclude that light output is some what related to the voltage .  When I turn the light on ( lets say turbo )  the light box shows over 900 lumens but this quickly sags to just over 800 . I don't see this being  a heat issue but I think more a voltage issue where the batteries reach a sustainable voltage for the relevant current draw . Alkaline batteries having a higher Voltage than NIMH , we can see a slightly better performance whilst the Alkalines are fresh .  I am only able to measure on set of 2+2 batteries due to only having two sets of hands .. So for what the measurements are worth (?) , here we go .

  Eneloops = Ultra low / 0.01Amp -  Low / 0.07Amp - Medium / 0.27Amp - High / 1.41Amps - Turbo / 2.5Amps

  I put in 4 Eneloops to see what the penalty was .

  Turbo = 780 Lumens

  High = 563 Lumens


 Ultra low = 2 Lumens

 Low = 40 Lumens

 Medium = 169 Lumens

 High = 562 Lumens 


  Not nearly as bad as I would have thought . 


Beam Shots : = Youtube Video


 So wow ! Did I say it was throwy !  The EA8W really throws , even in medium mode ( 175L ) this light reaches out . Fully loaded with Eneloops the EA8W comes in at a trim 525 grams making this light just a little on the hefty side for a pocket flashlight . When you think EA8W you really need to be in a Maglite D size frame of mind ( 2D / 3D ) and if you are a fan of the Maglite , you will be tickled pink by the EA8W . If you love flashlights that can reach out then you should check out this Nitecore , because it reaches . If your looking for something that can make you feel more secure when things go bump in the night then  525 grams can be put to good use . ( Fully loaded with 8 Eneloops )

 Cons :

 Switch could have been larger - Parasitic Drain

Pro's :

 525 grams - Tail cap screws on very smoothly - Solidly built - Easy to use interface - Shortcut to Turbo - Extremely well made ( Quality ) - Hidden Strobe - Good selection of light levels -  Throws dog gone nuts - Reminiscent of Maglites -  Most importantly , runs on AA batteries - Very decent current draw in lower modes - tail stands - Comes with belt holster - lanyard - spare O ring - Standby mode .

  I can really see the EA8W used as a home light , caravan - camping light , security patrol , search and rescue . Any sort of roll where strength / power / ease of feeding / durability might be seriously important , I mean where in the world can you not buy AA batteries ?  Stuff the Nitecore EA8W full of Alkalines and go play . ( Or rescue some one )  How do I put this ?  I think the Nitecore EA8W just made all my Maglites redundant . ( I do have a few modified Maglites )  The only thing I think that could be improved upon is the clicky switch - It could be larger for gloved hands . If I had to give the EA8W a score it would be 9.5/10


 Now the last thing = Parasitic drain ! Yes its there even in standby mode  ... 0.12mA ( Standby mode - what I measured )  So that's around say 8 hours to suck one milliamp from the batteries .  Two sets of 4 batteries ( Turnigy around 2550mA ) , so close to 5000mAh , 8 hours ...  = 40,000 hours . Of course that would be to depletion .  ( 1666 Days ) If that helps put things in perspective . Now where it gets tricky is if you don't put the light into standby mode , I measured from 0.54mAh to 2.5mAh current draw . It stays at 0.54 for several seconds and then spikes up and then drops down again . ( Never quite the same current spike )  It would be a guess , but it might average out at 1mAh current draw . ( Maybe as high as 1.5mAh current draw = Its a guess ) The variable being the current draw spikes . ( Best to put the light into standby )
Forum Issues & Suggestions / Re: Factory Service
« Last post by robo819 on March 12, 2018, 02:43:44 AM »
Usually Olight is pretty good about responding , they have just gotten back from the Chinese New Year though so may be they are playing catch up right now.
If you don't get a response in the next 2 or 3 days PM me here and I will give you another email address that I am almost certain will get a response.
New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from south Florida
« Last post by SG-1 on March 12, 2018, 01:31:50 AM »
Welcome to the forum Citizenstat. 
Forum Issues & Suggestions / Factory Service
« Last post by citizenstat on March 11, 2018, 09:14:09 PM »
Greetings, all.

I own an Olight SR 96 Intimidator.  The on/off/brightness-level button no longer works though there's plenty of battery left (4 green lights) and I'm pretty certain the leds have much life, too.  I've emailed the Olight USA folks, and their store, asking if I can send in the light for repair, and never got a response.

Am I asking the wrong people?  Does Olight just have lousy customer service? Any suggestions from forum members are appreciated.

New Member Introductions / Greetings from south Florida
« Last post by citizenstat on March 11, 2018, 08:40:29 PM »
Hi, all!

I've been a flashaholic for 7-8 years.  I like maximum throw, seasoned with enough spill to let me see what's going on 100 ft out.  My favorite flash is the Fenix RC40.  It puts out a "mere" 6k lumens, and there are a number of lights out there with substantially more, but the RC40 has a large parabolic reflector behind each led, which, in my opinion, makes it the most useful high-power light on the market.

Flashlight Reviews / Thorfire TG06S Full Package / Full review
« Last post by robo819 on March 10, 2018, 08:05:08 AM »
This is the Thorfire TG06S package or kit , sent to me by Thorfire for review and NO other compensation other than keeping the kit.

At the time of this review , you can get the light only for 40% off with the coupon code 8YGYJ38C from the Amazon site …… ...(link is external) (link is NON afilliated)

I know there have been a number of reviews on the TG06 S light , but as far as I know this is the first time the “package deal” has been made with this light.

The TG06SS kit / package , arrived in an Amazon Box with large bubble wrap inside and the Thorfire box inside that and the light inside a bubble wrap sleeve inside the Throrfire box. The kit includes the light itself , the single cell USB charger , 2 extra O-rings and the Thorfire (protected) 14500 BRC / 750 mAh – 2.8 wh cell.

The TG06S is not changed as far as the UI or the styling or any of that since the most recent model , just that they are now offering the Kit or Package with the above mentioned items.
As for the light itself it is the quality I have come to expect for the Thorfire lights and a very well made little light , for the more budget pricing they usually have on thier products.
The light is dual chemistry capable meaning it can use a variety of cells from AA Alkaline , NiMH and Li-ion 14500 and as already mentioned the Thorfire cell does come with the light.

The light although not as small as some 14500 / AA sized lights , is still plenty small for any pocket and very doable as an EDC light.
Comparison is with an 18650 cell and the Thorfire VG15S…..

The Knurling , anodizing and machining are all well done and I did not find any thin or bare spots on the light anywhere.

The clip on the light seems pretty sturdy and is also reverseable so you can use the light on a ballcap as a headlamp if needed.

The XP-G2 emitter sits in a smooth reflector and the lens is a glass lens , although I am unsure if it is AR coated . if so it is a very light coating.

The light will tailstand but needs to be on a fairly level surface due to the cut outs or finger grooves at the end of the cap itself. The knurling is also done well on the tailcap and the switch is pretty responsive. There are lanyard holes in the tailcap also if you happen to want to use a lanyard on the light.

All the threads were lightly lubed when I got the light and all the threads are well cut and pretty smooth.
The head is threaded all the way through pretty much , because the “pill” which the MCPCB and the driver both sit in / on , screws in all the way from the back end to the back of the reflector and the driver is a constant current.
The tail threads are anodized , so you can manually lock out the light. (no electronic lockout)

The beam is pretty smooth and fairly throwy for the small light also , with a useable spill , plenty bright for using to walk with. The tint is in the cool range although not to the point of being the blueish cool , I would guess in the 5500 to 6000K range.

All beamshots were taken using the included 14500 cell.
These shots at Gray wall from 3 feet on Medium and then 10 feet in all 4 modes….

These at 75 yards from Gate in Turbo , 50 yards High and Turbo and 25 yards Medium , High and Turbo………

And finally all 4 modes at 10 yards from gate…….

The UI is pretty straight forward with the light starting in High or Turbo every time and then goes down to the next level with each half press , from what I call Turbo it is……Turbo / High / Medium / Low or Moon. The reason I say it this way , is because with the 14500 cells the lowest lumens reading I get is 6 lumens and up to 8 lumens. In my opinion that is just too high to call Moon or Firefly. With the NiMh it does go down to 2 lumens.

The runtimes are also good with the 14500 cell and I was a bit surprised it ran as long as it did with the test I did on the included cell.
Here are the charts on the testing I have done with the included cell , an Efest 14500 High Drain and an Eneloop Pro……..

Link to Youtube Video..........

Product description

New Features on TG06S
 1. More Modes: When use premium 14500 battery, the brightness can be High(500LM) -Middle(200LM) -Low(50LM)-Moonlight (1LM ), and Strobe(500LM); When powered by AA battery, the mini light gives out High(150LM) -Middle(80LM) -Low(20LM)-Moonlight (0.5LM ), and Strobe(150LM)
 2. Easier Operation. Fully press the turn on/off, tap to change modes, double tap to activate Strobe mode for emergency.

We still keep the old features on TG06S as below:
 1. The lightweight makes the newly designed ThorFire TG06S fits easily into your pocket, backpack, purse, or tool bag.
 2. With one considerate metal clip, you can clip it to your shirt pocket.
 3. It is great for multiple indoor and outdoor applications including searching, camping, hiking, or even use as an emergency light when suffering a power outage.
 4. One cooler thing is that the O-ring behind the lens glows in the dark, which makes it easy to be found in the dark.

 ThorFire promise to offer 40 days money back and worry free customer services, if you encounter with any question, please contact us.

Technical Details

Part number: TG06S

Item Weight: 1.6 ounces

Product Dimension: 4.3*2*1.6 inches

Power Source: Battery

Type of Bulb: LED

Luminous Flux: 500 lm

Batteries Included? NO

Batteries Required? YES

General Flashlight Discussion / Re: Poll: How many flashlights do you own?
« Last post by david57strat on March 09, 2018, 03:34:31 AM »
I've got around 18. Mostly Cheapies. BUT they (All but 2) Seem to be as good as the much more expensive units I travel with over the yrs) I tend to prefer Skyray and Convoy.
Favourite?. My First LED and No 1... is an old 8+ yrs Skyray S-R5. Q5\Xm-L2.
The most "comfortable to hold" torch I've held so far.Really fits well in the hand.

Plus 1 on the Convoys. Great value, for the money, and they come in a wide variety of nice tints, too!

Not pictured: M1

Newest acquisitions:

Left to Right:
Emissar D4 (Quad Nichia 219C, in Grey)
Astrolux S41 (Quad Nichia 219B)
Siillhunt H03 headlamp (neutral)
Armytek Elf C2 micro-USB chargeable (cool white, but surprisingly nice).

...and 22 chargers

This brings the count to 96 lights :-).  I told myself, a while back, that I'd stop at 100, but I've got a feeling that's not gonna happen :P

Nice idea.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Ordered a couple of pro's for my job as a roadway inspector.
Flashlight Collections / Re: The Bykfixer collection
« Last post by bykfixer on March 09, 2018, 01:58:43 AM »

3 Pentagon L2's added.
Seller wanted $25 for all 3 so that was hard to pass up.

It's been a quiet year collecting-wise. Instead of adding more and more in some kind of drunken sailor fashion, I'm being very picky and enjoying the plethora I already own.
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