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Flashlight Reviews / Review /Odepro TM30 / 18650 Flashlight (Bundle)
« Last post by robo819 on May 16, 2018, 07:16:45 PM »
This is the Odepro TM30 , sent for my review from Odepro and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

The light (package) can be found on the main site ………(links are NON affiliated) ……..

Or at Amazon ………….

From my understanding this light is upgraded from the original version which was making 560 lumens , to what is making now at 750 lumens on the highest setting.

The TM30 arrived in an Amazon box with large bubble wrap and the Odepro box inside that. The Odepro box itself was well padded inside , with foam rubber on both sides of the contents and everything was packed in a neat order.
The package includes the TM30 , a 3000mAh (High Discharge) cell with the Odepro brand on it , A single cell intelli-charger , 2 extra O-rings and a lanyard.

The charger is your basic single cell intelli-charger with red indicator light when cell is charging and green indicator when the cell is fully charged and as mentioned the “Odepro” branded cell is included…..

The TM30 is a “Tactical” style light , with the side switch and tail switch both made onto the tailcap itself. The side switch on the tailcap sounds awkward at first , but it really is not nearly as awkward as one might think once you have the light in hand.
The clip is a nice design (although it could be a little thicker for more strength) with the tailcap actually holding it in place once the “tactical” grip or “cigar” grip is tightened down……..

The emitter is a XM-L2 U4 (cool white) and the reflector is an Orange peel. The light is rated at 750 lumens and my measurements are very close to that in the Turbo mode. The High mode I got a little higher reading and then the Medium and low modes were also very close to rated lumens. Those results are noted in the charts near the end of this review.

The light is made very well from everything I can see on it.
The knurling is well done and no thin or bare spots on the anodizing that I have found……

The threads are well cut and smooth and were lightly lubed when I inspected them……

The driver is somehow independent from the tailcap circuitry. The “pill” or driver compartment , is well made from a solid piece of aluminum , making for a solid shelf for the MCPCB to sit on and that in turn helps with the heat transfer. This piece is also made well threaded…..

A few beamshots from 100 yards to the gate on High and Turbo ….. 75 yards on same settings…….. 50 yards on Medium , High and Turbo and then the same settings at 25 yards……………

The UI is fairly simple to use. The main tail switch is for ON/OFF with a full click , or momentary on with a half press. When the light is turned on with the tail switch the side switch on the tail is used to change modes. The modes are changed with a simple press of the side (tail) switch and each press changes to the next mode down in descending order. There is also mode memory , so whatever mode you turn the light off in , is the mode the light will come back on in the next time. The momentary on will also use the last memorized mode. When the light is “OFF” the side (tail) switch is used for the strobe function only.

There is NO step down on this light from the Turbo or highest mode , but it really does not need it as explained below……….

During my runtime testing , I took measurements of the temperature with a laser thermometer each time I checked lumens at regular intervals. The light never got over 115 degrees at the hottest point and this was with the light turned on in Turbo mode and left running the entire time , with zero airflow , indoors at 79 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall this is a very well made light and has good output for only the 750 lumens than it has. The runtime is very good also with the lumen output the light has.

The only thing(s) I would suggest changing really is strengthening the clip a little and possibly upping the lumen output to around 1000 or slightly higher , as I feel the design could handle a bit more amperage and heat and would make it feel a little more “tactical” IMO with a higher output. I did notice some PWM in the Medium and Low modes on the video camera screen , but my eyes are not sensitive to the PWM , so I do not notice it otherwise.

I also tested the lumen output with a LG HE4 cell against the included Odepro cell and the readings were almost identical with both cells , so I am listing only the readings from the included cell.

Here are the charts I made on the runtime and lumen output………

Here is the Youtube link to the full video review with ALL the beamshots and outdoor live footage of the light............

And the listed information from the Odepro site......
Lamp Type:CREE XM-L2 (U4)
•Working Voltage:3-4.2V
•Lumens (brightness) :Turbo(750 lumens)-High(250 lumens)-Middle(50 lumens)-Low(12 lumens)-Strobe(280 lumens)
•Irradiation Distance:730 feet
•LED Runtime:50,000hours
•Waterproof Level:IPX 6, can prevent rain and living water
•Size:1.33*0.97*5.7 in
•Flashlight Weight:121.1g


ON. When flashlight in OFF state, you can depress the switch partially and the light will turn on. Continue to press the switch until it click, it will remain on even though release your finger. -OFF. When flashlight in ON state, you can press the switch until it click and release your finger to off.
 How to change modes? When the flashlight is in ON state, press the side switch, you can change the four modes from turbo,low,middle and high mode. When the flashlight is in ON state,press the side switch for three seconds, you can enter SOS state. When the flashlight is in OFF state, press the side switch, you can enter Strobe state.

Flashlight Collections / Re: The Bykfixer collection
« Last post by bykfixer on May 13, 2018, 02:17:32 AM »
The aviator in the previous post now has a Tana singLED in 4000 kelvin flavor. It runs at about 25% output on a CR123.... which in this case is about 25 lumens.

In general the light collection isn't growing anymore. Noticing that box stores seem to have less and less old school name'd lights and more as seen on tv junk, I have turned my sights to some classic names like Rayovac or Energizer. I've noticed a vast selection of Rayovac "essentials" at various places like drug stores and grocery stores. At between $3 and $10 they are long running numbers with old school 2 C or D outputs. And Rayovac has also reintroduced the Sportsman in a solid 3x,aaa platform that can run on an 18500. Energizer has a line of "smart" lights with switchless touch feature or adjusting output for throw or flood from the same light.

A 65 lumen $4 floater by Eveready.

Some budget friendly numbers that are actually pretty good.
Left is a smart light that looks a lot brighter than the numbers suggest. Middle is an old school plastic number with a sliding switch and PR based LED. Right is a 2018 Sportsman that makes a mighty fine ancestor to the long long line of classics.

Oh, and speaking of classic...

After a near 2 year search...
Not one but two old school pencil beam Microstreams. While I was at it I tossed the tan G2L in the cart. The original P60L and plastic head version.

Until next time....
New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from south Florida
« Last post by Omesato on May 11, 2018, 06:19:39 AM »
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New Member Introductions / Re: Greetings from south Florida
« Last post by Panurong on May 10, 2018, 05:33:18 AM »
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LED Flashlight Modifications / Re: A nice diving light to mod with XHP-50's
« Last post by Panurong on May 10, 2018, 05:32:35 AM »
I do not know how to do it.
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: Astrolux MF04
« Last post by ChibiM on May 07, 2018, 09:46:22 AM »
Well.. I hope to get a review done on one...
Finding a reliable FREE photo host is becoming hard ... 
I just had a photo host that was reliable for ? maybe over a year go down ..  And a month or so ago another lost it's URL ( .org )

 So picture hosting is going to be ?? some what iffy I think unless you pay to host them . 
Which is probably why - I hate to say it - Youtube video looks to be the go ...

  I am starting to put my stills on video , because of the image host issue .. And I don't think its going to improve because of the $$ involved ..
Hey DBSAR, Would you like to update your images link. Without images, this review is looking so boring. I was viewing few other Olight s1a reviews and not find any images at all. I think flashlight review incomplete without lots of images.
Flashlight Reviews / Review: Nitecore MT22C
« Last post by old4570 on May 05, 2018, 01:18:04 AM »


Sent for review by Nitecore >


 For review I have the Nitecore MT22C , I guess this is the more multi purpose version of the EC22 which I just reviewed recently . The User Interface on the MT22C works literally in polar opposites to the EC22 . The rotary switch on the MT22C does not turn off or on the light , this is done VIA a forward clicky switch in the tail cap and where the MC22 rotary switch turns off the light the MT22C activates strobe .  So literally the rotary switch works in the opposite direction on the MT22C .  Is this confusing = No .

  The only issue was that strobe started early , before clicking into position . So when turning the rotary dial for the highest output , at the very end of rotation where you are about to click into the Strobe position - Strobe starts ! We are talking about a fraction of a mm of rotation - early . ( For strobe )  If you don't care for strobe this can be annoying .

  The light itself is simplicity to use :  Just turn on and off the light VIA the tail switch , since its a forward clicky you can momentary the light on . The rotary switch gives you infinitely variable light from about 1 lumen to just over 1000 lumens .

1) The tail switch should lock out any parasitic drain

2) Leave the light level where you like it and every time you turn on the light - it's where you want it .

3) Minimum output is easy to select with the light off

4) Maximum light output should be easy to select with the light off

5) Momentary on


  Performance :

  Its a infinitely variable light !  Maximum output in my light box was over 1000 Lumens and as with the EC22 I can not measure maximum current because of the safety features built into the light . Minimum output was right at about 1 lumen measured .   One of the things I really like is SOFT start . With the light off and cool , it actually starts gradually and ramps to what ever level you have chosen . As the light warms up with use it starts faster . This is a really neat feature as it helps to lengthen the service life of your Nitecore MT22C .


 Build Quality :


  The MT22C gets full marks for machining and anodizing , there is literally nothing to complain about in this regard . The only issue was the early start for strobe , as I did find it annoying when walking and pushing for maximum output to activate strobe before the switch actually clicked into position .


 What would I do differently :


  Oh man , that's easy - NO STROBE ! .  I would leave the light as is and simply make the ( was strobe position ) click position a way to lock in maximum output . So rather than clicking into strobe , you lock into maximum output . Without strobe this would be one seriously good tactical flashlight , not just tactical or tacticool . But just a really sensible EDC flashlight that I think a lot of people could enjoy and use with confidence and ease ( Simplicity ) . To be honest I think less is more some times .


 LEGO : 


  Yes , I have a EC22 and a MT22C and the question begs - Can you LEGO the two lights ?

 YES YOU CAN !  ...

  How ever !  You can not swap tail caps , if you wish to LEGO you must do so with the body tubes . So you can put the MT22C body tube / tail switch assembly onto the head assembly of the EC22 and the EC22 body onto the MT22C head assembly .  Now putting the EC22 body on the MT22C makes little sense as you would have to turn it on and off like a twisty . But can I just say how freaking awesome the EC22 head is on the MT22C body . I love it !

   First there is no STROBE , second you get the simplicity of the rotary switches infinite output selection with a forward clicky in the tail cap . ( OMG ) I did this and took it for a walk , and really - Nitecore needs to do this ( Is there already a model ? ) . The only downside is that swapping bodies shortens the internal length of your EC22 hybrid and you can not use protected batteries . ( I have lots of batteries ) . The Simplicity , the functionality , the portability , it's everything I have ever wanted from a flashlight .  The Nitecore LEGO 22 gives the Nitecore Concept 1 a run for its money and if one was to consider every possible use for a flashlight then the WIN just might go to the Nitecore LEGO 22 .



  Nitecore MT22C Final word :


  I like everything about the MT22C except the strobe , especially as it kicks in early . I think the MT22C would do just fine without strobe . I found the build quality exceptionally good , in fact everything was good ( except strobe ) . If Nitecore did away with strobe or offered a model without strobe then I think they would have a seriously awesome product that could interest larger buyers . Police - Fire - Ambulance - Military - Aviation -  anyone that is looking a a flashlight that is easy to use and performs . And the MT22C does perform , it really impresses and I would hope that more people are exposed to this series of lights as they really are functional .

  Thinking about it , I would love to see a click position for both the highest and lowest settings and to be annoying maybe one in the middle as well . ( What the hell ) .  I really like the MT22C , I also like the EC22 , but man !  I love the LEGO 22 ... It ticks every box I have for a EDC flashlight .

 The clip - very firm , does the job

 Smooth reflector - Nice beam profile

 Anodizing  - Quality and hard

 Threads - So smooth , well machined

 O rings -  Fit just right and nicely lubed

 Forward clicky - Very nice , firm with plenty of travel for momentary

 Rotary Switch - So easy to use

 Strobe - ?  Dont need it

 Nylon Holster - Fits the MT22C well , looks to be quality

 Lanyard - Nice , strong ..

 Soft Start - I really like soft start

 Cigar Ring - Don't see these so much anymore , but I really like them - especially when using gloves .. Just gives a better grip on the light .

  Comes with spare O rings     > youtube vodeo - beams
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