Author Topic: 18650 rechargeable batteries for ExtremeBeam M1000 Fusion flashlight  (Read 706 times)

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A while back I bought an ExtremeBeam M1000 Fusion flashlight. It's a great flashlight. It uses 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. I liked it well enough i just ordered another from Amazon. The original company has gone out of business. I figured I'd better buy a second one while they were still available.

I went to buy a set of batteries for the new flashlight (they were out of stock when I ordered it), only to discover that all 18650 batteries are not created equal. Virtually all of the batteries I have found (Radio Shack, Batteries plus Bulbs) are too big -- i.e., too wide in diameter, by a little over a millimeter. I finally found a place that carried 18650 batteries that fit. It was a "vapor" store that sells e-cigarettes and associated equipment. I know nothing of that business, but was happy to find that they had batteries that fit -- only to learn that they did not have the button top, so they would not make contact inside the flashlight. The owner said he could order me identical batteries but WITH the button top, but discovered they are not available.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to find some 18650 rechargeable batteries that will fit? It's a great flashlight, but only good as a club without batteries.

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Re: 18650 rechargeable batteries for ExtremeBeam M1000 Fusion flashlight
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For people in the future.

Look around either Internet (cheapest) or locally.
DON'T buy Chinese.

Panasonic.LG Sony etc. Mostly have the Pansonic cells inside.
I bought button top 3400 Panasonics 18650B  $23.50 a pr. Del.
From Sydney.

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Some cheap 18650's salvaged from a tesla model s battery module. 3400 mAh

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You can use the flat-top batteries by putting a small flattened blob of solder in the center or a small disk-shaped metallic magnet.
Get the neodymium not the ceramic magnets.