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Review Atactical A1S (upgraded version of the A1)
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:56:34 PM »
This is the Atactical A1S sent to me for review , NO other compensation for my review other than the light.

Also it might be a good time to mention that any future lights will be marketed under the new name of “WOWTAC” from this company , as they have now changed their name on the website and will be branding the lights with the Wowtac name for any future lights they produce.
The Atactical or WOWTAC company is also assosiated with ThruNite for the Technical support of their product as I understand it.

(Links are NON affiliated)

The A1S can be found on their main site…….. is external)

Or on Amazon ($29.99 at time of this review)…… is external)

I was asked if I could mention also , the original A1 is available at this time for US customers only for $19.99 from Amazon.
Just be sure you check the appropriate one if you do buy. (A1 or A1S) is external)

Just to note , the light was shipped in a box that had the Atactical box inside that and both were well padded , with the Atactical box having foam and cut outs for everything.

The A1S is an 18650 sized tube light basically , with both tail switch and side switch. The tail switch can be used as a momentary on and it is also the main on / off switch for the light and the side switch is used for the mode changes which are…… L / M / H / Turbo / SOS and a long press for the hidden strobe. The light has mode memory and will come on in the last used mode when turned off and reactivated (other than SOS and Strobe). The A1S has a XP-L V6 emitter , with a smooth reflector and is a cool white , although I am unsure of the bin. There is also the Low Voltage Indicator , the light will blink 2 times periodically when the cell gets low as an indication. The lens is an AR coated lens and was very clear when I took the light from the package. (so much pollen in the air here right now things get dusty quick) The Anodizing is very clean on the Light I recieved , threads are smooth , well cut and were very lightly lubed . There is a Manual “lockout” , as the threads are anodized on the tailend and head end both , so either one works for the maual lockout. I have not found any sharp edges on this light and the machining is all well done as is the knurling on the light. The modes are all well spaced and the light has a very good output in Turbo to see a pretty good distance for a small head light , as I could easily see my 175 yard marker in Turbo when testing.

This light comes with an included 18650 3400 mAh protected cell , that has the built in USB charger on it. The micro USB charging cable is also provided and it plugs right into the side of the cell at the top for recharging , or you can take the cell out of the light and recharge it as you do any of your other 18650 cells externally.
This could be a good feature for someone just starting out that does not have a charger yet to charge the cells otherwise.

I have not done extensive testing as far as run times with this one , but from the test I did do , it does have good run time. The turbo timer , or step down is at 4 minutes on the A1S. It is set at about the right point as I dont think it would need to run in the Turbo mode any longer because the light is getting to the point of being pretty hot when the step down occurs.
The Listed Lumens are also fairly close with what I got on the actual tested Lumens Using the included cell. (See below chart for all the test results)

The Only Cons I have with this particular light is , I would like to see the SOS hidden as the Strobe is , so you dont have to cycle through that mode when your are using the light for regular use. Also for those that like to be able to mod a light , this one does not seem to be mod friendly as the driver is press fit and / or glued in and the bezel does not unscrew. For the average user though it seems to be a very solid light as it is out of the box.

Overall the light seems to be very well built and functions well.

The Only run time test I did , the light was started in Turbo mode and I let it run from there until the LVP warning.
Here is the charts with the test I did on this light………………

As usual I will mention my cheap video camera does not show near as true to life as the still beamshots do in the video portion , as to what I actually see out there with my eyes.
There are a couple of shots in the video portion at 50 and 75 yards with the original A1 for comparison also.

For those who do not want to watch the whole video the Stills and Beamshots start at 6:68 in the timeline of the video and the live outside footage starts at 11:23 of the timeline.

Video followed by the listed specs……………..

•One USB rechargeable 3400mAh 18650 battery included which provides 1150 lumens output.
•Cree XP-L V6 LED
•Reverse polarity protection design to protect from improper battery installation.
•Aircraft-grade aluminum body.
•Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.
•Low Power Indication: When the voltage of the battery is low, the light will blink twice periodically.
•Direct access to strobe mode: when the light is ON, long press to quickly access to strobe mode.
•Dimension: 137.5mm*25.4mm

•Spare O-rings x 2

•Customized USB rechargeable 3400mAh 18650 battery x 1
•USB charge Cable x 1
•Pocket Clip x 1
•Instruction Manual x 1