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Review New Manker E02 (AAA poered)
« on: May 12, 2017, 09:33:35 AM »
This is the new Manker E02 sent to me for review from Manker and no other compensation other than the light in return for my review.

The E02 is a 90 degree head , AAA powered light (also NiMH can be used) and has the appearance of many of the headlamps that are on the market now with the 90 head. It would make a good candidate for a small headband , if Manker so took the notion to make one for this light , but that is just my opinion.
 I received the black anodizized version of this light for my review and they also will be making a grey colored one as far as I know. The anodizing on the sample I recieved appears to be very well done. I have not found any bare spots or thin spots on the sample I received (other than where I banged it on a metal post accidently , I made a scuff mark but it did not go through the finish) The finish is a nice looking Flat or Matte finish and the knurling is also well done on the light. The threads are square cut and very well cut and they were lightly lubed upon receipt.
 My sample came with the Lanyard , 2 extra O-rings and even an extra clip in the box , which was a nice surprise.
 The overall size is 73 mm long , 15.75 mm in the middle of the tube and 18 mm at the widest part of the head.
 Both ends of the tube threads are anodized , so manual lockout is possible from either end , as well as the electronic lock out feature in the UI.
 The end of the tailcap has a fairly strong magnet on it so the light can be used for a lamp or work light if attached to a metal surface. The stainless clip can be used on either end of the light and it seems to be a fairly sturdy built clip and is pretty stiff , so it should stay in place well.

The E02 sample I received has the XP-G3 (cool white) emitter in it , but as I understand they should also be available with the Nichia 219C when Manker gets things rolling. The OP reflector and AR coated lens makes for a pretty smooth , floody beam and I was impressed with the amount of output that is coming out of this little AAA sized light in Turbo. There are 2 mode groups to choose from and when you stay in the lower 3 modes you have L / M / H …..or , Moon / L / H (depending on mode group) and then the next click will reverse the order back down with each click , or you can double click to go into Turbo from any mode (including off) and from there each click can take you to the strobe , SOS , or beacon mode. There is also mode memory that will get you back to the last used mode , including any of the blinky modes , if you choose to turn the light off in one of those modes. There is a 3 minute Turbo timed step down , which at that time takes the light to the High setting. (although the light did not get to hot at the 3 minute mark) One thing I really like about the E02 UI , is that you can set the Moonlight (or firefly) mode , from what they call the “Engineering mode” to a number of different levels (16 if I counted right) , from barely visible to around 2 or 3 lumens , which is great because everyone can choose the level of light they want with this feature for the Moon Mode. (I didn’t measure output when I did this part)

The overall the build quality of the E02 is very good and I really do not have any complaints with this little light , as I like it alot.

NOTE: I used a Rayovac 600mAh NiMH cell for my testing. I do not have any Eneloops in the AAA size (just yet) , but I feel they would give a better run time than what I used for my test , as my AA size Eneloop pro always perform better than the Rayovac NiMH I have in that size.

The testing I did on this light is listed in the charts below……….

The User interface Chart………..

Again I will say…….my cheap video camera does no show as true to life as the still shots in the video portion as to what I actually see.
 There is a couple of shots comparing the Thrunite T01 with the E02 at 10 and 25 yards…..the very last picture of the Thrunite is labeled 10 yards but should be labeled 25 yards.
 For those who do not want to watch the whole video the stills of the light and beamshots start at 6:06 in the time line and the live outside footage starts at 9:57 of the time line.

Video with listed specs below that…………