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Review Maxtoch Shooter 2X "Red & Green" Versions
« on: June 15, 2017, 08:42:26 PM »
This is the Maxtoch Shooter 2X , Green and Red versions of the original Shooter 2X light.

These lights were sent to me from Maxtoch for my review and NO other compensation other than keeping the lights.

You can find these 2 lights at the Maxtoch / Aliexpress website , along with their other products….. is external)

The Shooter 2X Green and Red versions are based off the Long throwing design of the original Shooter 2X model. The Green and Red versions utilize the XP-E2 R2 colored emitters instead of the XM-L2 U4 1A factory dedomed emitter of the original model.
These are some very well built lights with nice matte black Type III anodizing , square cut threads and an overall fit finish and quality that has kept these lights at the top of the heap for any out of the box , rifle mountable , Thrower / Hunting light under $100.

Both lights were pretty near perfect when I took them from the packaging , as I found no scratches , dings or bare , or thin spots in the anodizing and both the AR lenses were crystal clear. All of the threads are very well cut and smooth on both lights and all threads were lubed just about the right amount.
The internals are also quality parts with Gold plated springs and a copper MCPCB. I didnt even think to check while I had the lights apart , but I am pretty sure the MCPCB’s are DTP as with all the Maxtoch boards. The switch is a fairly firm and responsive switch and mode changes go smoothly. The reflectors in both lights are pretty much flawless (or at least they were when I got the lights) , but have a few particles of dust in them from me tearing them both down and all that. The reflectors are made from aluminum and both are fairly heavy (or thick) with as I say , a very nice , near flawless finish in them. The edges are all cut very nicely on both lights and I have found NO sharp edges anywhere on either light that I can feel or see , even around the lanyard holes and no machine marks on either light.

As with the original 2X these are very well balanced and surprisingly light weight to be as large as they are , weighing in at only 315 grams without cells. The Shooter 2X was designed as a rifle mounted hunting light in the beginning and that is alot of the reason the weight has been kept to a minimum.
These lights have the same features as the original 2X with the modes , LVP / warning and Memory and use a buck driver with constant current. This means the light can run at full intensity from the start , until the cells are depleted WITHOUT any step downs required. Yes both the original and these new colored 2X handle the heat that well.
The UI is a simple Low / Medium / High , as again these were designed to be hunting lights and alot of modes not needed for hunting. The mode you are using when the light is switched off (after 4 seconds) is the mode that is memorized and the mode the light will come back on in. The Low Voltage warning happens around 3.0 to 3.3 volts with a simple single blink of the light. The light will blink a number of times as a warning every few seconds and then after that the LVP will simply shut down the light at about 2.8 to 2.9 volts.

With the Panasonic NCR18650B cells , the Green light was turned on in High mode and left running. It had 173 minutes of run time when the first warning blink happened and the light shut down several minutes later with the cells in the Green light at 2.89v and 2.91v.
The Red light running the same kind of cells (but a different pair) was also started in High mode and left running. It had 187 minutes of run time at the first warning blink and when it shut down the cells were at 2.86v and 2.87v.
I am sure the Red ran slightly longer due to the lumens being just a bit lower than the Green light and thus drawing a slightly lesser current.

Of course the colored XP-E2 R2 emitters are not going to have the reach of the XM-L2 U4 1A dedomed emitter like the original lights , but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned these lights on and saw that they were lighting up my targets at 500 yards away and have some more to give from the looks of it. I have not been out anywhere else to test them at longer distance as of yet. The beam is a very concentrated or tight beam , with a tight hotspot and not much spill (at least not a lot of bright spill) , as you would want for a hunting light , especially if it is a rifle mounted light.
The reason I say this is , after many years of hunting myself , it has always seemed that the more light you have on target and less around the target (spill) , the easier it is to pick your actual target when looking through a scope , without having that extra light picked up and magnified through the scope itself.

To the best of my knowledge this is probably one of the longest throwing (if not THE longest throwing) “colored” hunting lights out there right now.

In conclusion I will say that I think as far as the colored hunting lights go , Maxtoch has hit a home run with this one. The overall fit and finish are exceptional on these lights I am reviewing and they are great quality lights with alot of output to be what they are. The run times are also exceptionally long which makes things much easier in the field without having to take along alot of extra cells or having to swap out cells very often at all while out hunting with the Shooter 2X.

Video // including Teardown , Beamshots and live outdoor footage ,
followed by the listed specs below video…………

Product Description
 1. Green Beam Hunting Torch
 2. Max 320LM
 3. 850 meters of Throw

Features *LED Type: Cree XP-E2 P2 LED Green Beam *Max output: 320LM *Beam: Smooth Reflector for focused beam *Finish: Military Grade *Switch: Reverse switch *Modes: Max-Mid-Min *Size: L 250 mm *D 69 mm

Product Description
 1. Red Beam Hunting Torch
 2. Max 270LM
 3. 750 meters of Throw

Features *LED Type: Cree XP-E2 P2 LED Red Beam *Max output: 270LM *Beam: Smooth Reflector for focused beam *Finish: Military Grade *Switch: Reverse switch *Modes: Max-Mid-Min *Size: L 250 mm *D 69 mm
Operation *Press tail switch for turning light on/off.

*Click to turn on the light first, then slightly click to change working mode.

*2X will remember the working mode after working for 4 seconds.

*When the battery is low, the flashlight will turn off automatically. Make sure to take out the battery and insert fully charged ones instead.