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Title: Fallout 4 chatter
Post by: JohnnyMac on January 23, 2016, 06:40:38 PM
So, is anyone else here a gamer?  If so, have you tried Fallout 4?

I've been playing Fallout 4 on my PS4 and seem to be addicted to it.  Right now I'm up to level 86 or 87 but am still finding stuff I hadn't discovered yet.  I'm running about with zero armor on (Atom Cats jacket and jeans..gotta look cool in the wasteland!) and with difficulty set to survival or second hardest levels.  These days I'm trying to find all the magazines and bobble heads. 

I finally found Curie and love having her as a companion and romantic interest.  I did have Cait as a romantic interest for a bit but don't care for her personality at times.  Never could get out of the fri toend zone with Piper... LOL.  Nick always gets in my way, Deacon was a D-bag (felt good to kill him off) and Dogmeat is always in the way or giving away my stealth. 

MacCready is probably the most beneficial companion to utilize as his head shot perk is a game changer.  I held off on using him as a companion until I was around level 72 because he seemed like a real tool.  Once I finally gave him a shot he was pretty cool and likable but if you want to get the most from the game and keep it from being too easy you need to hold off on using him.  Once you have the headshot perk there is no going back and the perk you get from doing his personal missions will make headshots a guarantee every time even  an enemy is too far away to hit anywhere else.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, I went with the Institute for the end of the story line but did missions for all sides but the BOS.  I dont' think I missed out on much as I even gained access to a secret bunker you are only supposed to get into by siding with them.

So, who else plays F4 here?  How did you play it and what are your stats?
Title: Re: Fallout 4 chatter
Post by: jmpaul320 on January 27, 2016, 11:38:05 AM
I think its about time I buy this game.... I loved FO3 and FNV - played multiple times... I think I am going to buy it for PC as I do not have a PS4 - some of the mods look interesting too. Maybe next time it goes on sale on STEAM I will pick it up.
Title: Re: Fallout 4 chatter
Post by: JohnnyMac on January 27, 2016, 05:19:17 PM
Definitely get it if it goes on sale.  Considering the hours I have into this game right now it's still a bargain at full retail.

Yeah, with the PC version you can do all kinds of mods.  The PS4 version plays really well with very few glitches or crashes but you are limited to stock game play at least for now.  THey say they are making mods for the console version and that they built the code with this in mind in the first place.

At level 89 i FINALLY managed to get the Explosive 10MM Pistol!!  I'm so happy and am really tearing things up now.  2nd best weapon in the game for sheer damage but best weapon for overall use, damage, and accuracy.  The Explosive shotgun ranks as my #1 choice when you need to take down something really big, really fast.