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New Member Introductions / Re: newbie here
« Last post by JohnnyMac on October 21, 2020, 10:28:26 PM »
Welcome to the forum! Good to have you here.
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: troubleshooting a gifted LED flashlight
« Last post by JohnnyMac on October 21, 2020, 10:27:08 PM »
Welcome to the forum. Seems like you covered the basics. Only thing I can think is the batteries you are using are 50mm exact and the light prefers longer cells. Mode changing can occur on bumps due to soft springs allow the cell to move enough to break contact  with the driver. Does the driver side have a spring or does it have a solid contact button?  If a button it's a common issue. With springs on each ends it shouldn't happen unless they are too short, too soft, or have lost their tension.
General Flashlight Discussion / troubleshooting a gifted LED flashlight
« Last post by jns1981 on October 21, 2020, 05:38:47 PM »
hello all!
Newbie here!

i received a TI50 flashlight (i think using Palight drivers and parts thats branded anywhich way) that has a curious symptom i cannot eliminate!

When shaken a certain way (every guy knows the motion!) it changes modes...

-symptoms exist when retainer rings are tightened (and retightened after the below steps)
-symptom exists when switch was bypassed
-symptom exists after driver was replaced
-symptom exists after battery was taped to prevent sliding in the tube
-i cannot figure out how to access/remove the pill (i think thats what its called?) but can access the pos/neg wires and i replaced the driver

ive tried a different 18650 battery and the symptoms still persist...

after doing the above troubleshooting, what could still cause the issue? its to the point where it seems like a kinetic feature! ha! shake it like this and the mode shifts!

any suggestions are welcomed!
New Member Introductions / newbie here
« Last post by jns1981 on October 21, 2020, 05:30:31 PM »
hello! just found you guys after trying to troubleshoot a flashlight... was ignorant to the depths of flashlight glory!!! fishing and shooting and boating are my normal vices, now flashlights are entering the fray!
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: ThruNite Turbo Mode Test
« Last post by Nakme on October 20, 2020, 02:50:06 PM »
All my Flashlights are ThruNite... I love them...

This is my Collection so Far:
Ti3,  Ti3 V2,  T10 V2,  T1,  Archer 1A V3,  Neutron 2C V3,  TC15,  TC12 V2,  TN12 2014,  TN12 2016,  TN12 V4,  TH10,  TH10 V2,  TH20,  TH30,  TH01...

ThruNite T2 and TT20 are next on my list to get...

I agree with you about the customized 21700 cells... But I guess it will soon become standard, because a lot of Flashlight Models are using them...
Olight has some classic, well designed lights, this one included. There are only a few Iíd recommend but this one is among them along with the S2R2. Great output and beam, excellent pocket clip, great UI and modes.

Iím not a fan of the proprietary magnetic charging along with the proprietary cells but at least you can use standard cells in a pinch. Olight could be so much better if they offered led choices as I hate CW LEDs.
Another nice review. I agree with the pocket clip complaints. I donít know why manufacturers donít honk about the little things like that which make a light more usable and easier to carry. Output at 1y0 lumens is pretty poor though. Even without the option of 14500 cell use, there are other brands that do 400 or more lumens with a good NiMH cell. I do like the very compact size especially being a tail clicky. Better emitter options would be nice as well.
Another nice review. Thanks for sharing!  Looks like a good light but for an EDC style light I agree that they need to offer NW or high CRI options. One big negative for me is the lack of a moon low which I feel an edc light really needs.
Very nice review. Looks like a great light. I really like the rotary control with the lockout function. Seems to handle the heat from the sst40 well. That LED gets hot fast but is one of my favs.
Battery discussion / Re: Ni HM AA surprising death
« Last post by JohnnyMac on October 16, 2020, 04:22:12 AM »
It really depends on the flashlight circuitry (low voltage protection) and the cells used. Alkaline cells will generally keep draining until they run out of juice. Quality NiMH cells will provide a fairly constant out put until they quit.  If a light doesnít have LVP they can drain a cell too low to the point where they will not take or hold a charge well. It is best to charge or swap them when you see the output start dropping.

As for cell recommendations, I use and recommend Amazon Basic NiMH cells.  They are very inexpensive and hold 2700mAh. As good as Eneloop brand for half the cost.
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