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Title: (R)CR-123's (LiFePO4)
Post by: Cereal_Killer on August 28, 2014, 01:43:43 PM
One of my buddies (who's one of my best customers and is already setup with Li-ion's and an i4) has asked me to help him pick out some (R)CR-123's for a pair of lights he just got for his father in law (also his boss) and his wife. He does not want them to use 16340's even tho he's already got some for a little fenix p2D I modernized for him a few months back.

I have a set of tenergie's (which I used to tune the LVP settings in the drivers) which I've never had any issues with but I don't really use them much to know how good they are. Are these ( a decent choice? He's looking to get 6-8 cells and a charger and I found this on amazon (these are the exact cells I have), is this a decent deal for $24? He's great at buying the exact product I recommend so if there's a supporting dealer that has them around the same price he'd be willing to pay a couple bucks extra at my suggestion (for the tenergies or another brand) just because the dealer supports our hobby even tho he's not on (and has no interest in joining) the forums.
Title: Re: (R)CR-123's (LiFePO4)
Post by: Arthitsotus on April 09, 2019, 10:16:44 AM
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