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Off-Topic Chatter / fraud
« Last post by molv on Today at 08:47:08 AM »
Hello everyone.
I`m a newbie on this forum, but a long-time flash-a-holic,  I`ve owned products of Fenix, Zebralight, Thrunite, Armytek, Lux-rc vendors.

Today I want to tell you my sad-but-true story with my Lux-rc flashlights. Hope it will warn you against deal with Serger Dolgov aka

I`ve purchased a pair of Lux-RC FL-33 V3.0 light, with serial numbers FL330239 and FL3300441, and they worked nice for a period of time. But then, light with XP-L module (FL330239) began to self power-on (being locked), while was carring as EDC. Such recommendations as cleaning contacts, replacing 18650 battery does not succeeded and the light was sent to manufacter, Serge Dolgov for a warranty repair (FL-33 light have comes with lifetime warranty). He said, that upgraded firmware and sent the light back to me.
And it worked ok for a few month.

In winter 2018 the problem with self power-ons returned, I`ve contacted with Serge again (January 11). He said that button circuit need to be replaced, but currently he have no one. New run was planned for spring 2018.
At May 30 I`ve write a message to Serge again, and he said that will try to do a waranty repair, so I`ve send my flashlight to him by post service (tracking number 36481032). At June 7 it was received by Serge.

Since that time I`ve contacted with mr. Dolgov quite frequently, to find out, where my FL-33 will be repaired and returned to me. Here is his answers (I have all chat history, if it`s needed):

At July 7, he said, that he tried to extract button circut from flashlight, and broke it.
At August 31 he said, that laboratory is currently moving to Zvenigorod city, and this summer he have a vacation.
At September 28 he said, that he will try to do a repair in a few weeks.
At Octrober 19 was said, that they are currently assembling flashlights for a new clients and it`s possible to replace button circuit in my flashlight too.
At October 26 they was developing code for a new microcontroller.
At November 13 he said, that glue machine in lab is broken, but circuits will be ready be the end of week.
At November 19 he said, that is not in a city now, will return by November 29. And the circuit cannot be assembled due lack of parts.
At December 3, parts, need for circuits assembly should be delivered by the end of week
At December 13 - parts not delivered.
At December 20 parts are delivered, they are assembling circuits, all will be done in a week.
At December 27 - all will be done before The New Year 2019.
At January 9, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At January 10, 2019 - the same
At January 16, 2019. It`s almost done, circuits are assembled. It`s just need to be set into flashlight. All will be done by this weekend.
At January 25, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At January 31, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At February 02, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At February 11, 2019 - "I`m not so often in the lab now, the flashlight will be send this week"
At February 18, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 01, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 11, 2019 - we have a reconstruction into the office now. It`s almost done, I`ll assembly flashlight at the next week.
At March 25, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 26, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At March 27, 2019 - We are currently not producing flashlights now, our lab will be ready in April. I could return your flashlight AS-IS, it is working now. (HMM, but the button circuit was broken at July 7, 2018?!). There was two options: send flashlight back, or wait untill lab will be ready. I`ve chosed first one.
At April 24, 2019. New circuit was assembled, it`s just need to be set into the flashlight. Need one week to do that.
At May 6, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At May 14, 2019 - all lab`s equipment is not unpacked yet, but circuit is ready. Need one or two weeks to set circuit into the flashlight.
At May 30, 2019 lab`s equipment is ready, all will be done after this weekend.
At June 6, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At June 7, 2019 - the same
At June 11, 2019 - still no answer
At June 18, 2019 - no answer again
At July 15, 2019 - will send the flashlight by the and of week, with new motion-sensing light engine, as apologize.
At July 19, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At July 22, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer
At September 18, 2019 - delivered, read, no answer

In addition, at July 26, 2019, I`ve send to Serge a pretrial claim by post service. It was delivered "in hands" at August 20 2019. Still no answer.

So, now I forced to resolve this problem by starting a trial. I hope I could get my $500 back from this dishonorable and untrustworthy person.
Please, do not repeat my mistakesю It`s better for your not to deal with custom flashlights and it`s CEO Serge Dolgov ever. It`s just a fraud!
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Florida
« Last post by SG-1 on September 18, 2019, 05:47:38 AM »
Hello Nature Girl & welcome to the form.

Self Defence with a flashlight is a no brainer.  Get some pepper spray from Cold Steel they even sell inert units to practice with. Plenty of YouTube vids.  The trouble with the light is that if a predator is intent on doing harm a light beam is not going to deter them.  Pepper Spray depending on the size can reach out to stop them before they touch you.  You like camping, get bear guard pepper spray & remember that wasp & hornet stopper can be used in a pinch. It can cause injuries that will never go away.

I prefer lights that uses 18650 batteries.  They tend to be light weight with long run times on medium & low.   No batteries are going to last with the light at full power.  Flashlights with interchangeable batteries are best. You can carry spare batteries & change them out as needed.
General Flashlight Discussion / (Beamshots review) IMALENT MS18
« Last post by Mikelights on September 18, 2019, 04:19:03 AM »
Today is a Beamshots video of the IMALENT MS18, a 100,000 lumen Beast of a flashlight that blows away any other flashlight in existence in sheer light output. We took this flashlight to many places to try to get the best shots possible for you guys to truly understand how bright this flashlight actually is. This flashlight puts out 100,000 lumens along with 450,000 candela, it has a built-in battery pack as well as active cooling to keep down the extreme temperatures that would arise if you didn’t correctly cool 18 XHP 70.2 LEDs running at full bore. I hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more videos like this!

Flashlight Reviews / **NEW** Thrunite TC15 Custom Edition /// Full Review
« Last post by robo819 on September 17, 2019, 10:30:24 PM »
This is the ThruNite TC15 Custom Edition, sent to me for review from ThruNite and NO other compensation other then keeping the light.
(ALL links are NON affiliated)
Light can be found on Amazon……….
Amazon US:
Amazon CA:

Or on the main ThruNite site………..

They also asked me to mention , Free Ti3 key-ring torch worth $13.95 for the first 100 honest reviews on Amazon (Massage us on our Facebooke @ThruNite)

Now on to the review…………………………..

The TC15 Custom Edition came well packaged in a larger outer box with the ThruNite box inside that and large bubble wrap around the inner box. The package includes the TC15 , Nylon Holster , Spare O-ring x2, Lanyard , Pocket Clip , ThruNite 3100mAh 18650 IMR Battery , USB Charging Cable , Spare USB port Cover and a Spare Side Switch Insert. This light is available in both neutral and Cool White.

This is an 18650 sized EDC with plenty of lumens for whatever the purpose may be , ranging from 2300 listed lumens in Turbo , all the way down to 1 listed lumen in firefly mode. A simple UI also on this light , with a long press for Moon Mode , Single click to turn light on , hold down switch to cycle through L/M/H , double click for turbo from any mode and another double click from there for strobe. A single click turns light off and L/M/H have mode memory.
The size is very comparable to the always popular BLF A6 and other 1 inch tube lights.
Shown here with the BLF A6 (on left) and the Olight M2R Warrior (on right) ………..

I like the styling on this one with the “ribbing” , instead of the traditional knurling on the tube. Along with the more “flat” type finish on this light , the grip is exceptional with the rib and finish combination. I also like the (Bronzy) color on this new Custom Edition , I know opinions will vary however.

The Included nylon holster is lightly padded inside (front and back portion) and fits the light well , while having a belt loop holder and a plastic loop for attachment to a backpack or other desired places , with the help of a carabiner or other such attachment aids.

The Branding , or etching is all done well and I have found no thin or bare spots on the anodizing anywhere. As always with Thrunite , these lights are all serial numbered.

The clip is made sturdy and attaches with a good amount of force , it stays in place well once attached to the light , while holding firmly when attached inside my jeans pocket as well.

The XHP35 emitter is perfectly centered in a nice little smooth reflector and those sit behind an AR coated lens.

The Spring in the tailcap looks to be a good quality and appears to be gold plated (no spring on driver). The Tailcap is made flat also , so the light tailstands well , even when the lanyard is attached , as the lanyard eye is made on one side of the tailcap .
The fins are not large , as the light is not itself large enough to put large sized fins on, but for the small size , it seems ThruNite got the thermal regulation (step down) set about right.
All of the threads are well cut and smooth on this light. On this particular sample the lube was very lightly applied , which is something I am NOT used to seeing when I take a ThruNite product from the box.

The 3100mAh ThruNite Branded cell that comes with this package , can be charged either with the USB onboard charger , or the cell can be removed and charged externally on a traditional charger. I have also tried Button Top , High Drain cells of various brands and they all seem to work fine in the light. The High Drain Flat tops however , are too short for use in this light. The shorter flat top cells , will let the light operate , but with a bump or decent shake , the light will usually go off or change modes when using the flat top cells. This is due to only having the spring at the tail of the light am sure and just not enough pressure to maintain good contact with the shorter cells against the driver contact.

The side switch button is like many of the ThruNite switches and it is a nice metallic button. The center of the switch is lighted to indicate power on (Blue) , Low voltage (Steady Red) and improper charging or other problems with the cell (purple). When the cell capacity is at 20% or above , the Blue indicator will show (other than Firefly mode) , at 10% to 20% the Red indicator light will come on and stay on steady. At 10% or below the Red indicator will then start (Blinking Red) to let you know the cell is depleted. Once the cell is fully depleted the Low Voltage Protection will simply shut the light off.

As with most all the XHP35 based lights , this one puts off alot of heat. The step down is set to the point the light steps down , just about the time you think it will get “too hot” and for the small size the light seems to handle the overall heat pretty well

The driver seems to be well regulated on my sample , as I checked the lumens with the included cell in all modes with , a Samsung 30Q , LG HE4 and an Efest purple high drain. All were within around 30 to 40 lumens of each other when tested in the Turbo mode and stayed pretty close through the rest of the modes , with even less fluxuation in the lumens gap.
The run times and lumens listed by Thrunite also seem to be fairly accurate , as I know they will not be exact on every light no matter what company makes the light.

Garage door 15 Yards—-L / M / H / Turbo

Garage 70 Yards————-Med/High/Turbo

Gate 50 Yards————Med/High/Turbo

Gate 75 Yards————High/Turbo

Gate 100 Yards———-High/Turbo

Below is my test results for the lumens using the included Thrunite 3100mAh cell. All the run time testing and lumens testing in the charts , was done with the Thrunite cell only , since there was very little difference when testing other cells.

For those who may want to see the live outdoor footage comparing the Olight M2R Warrior and the ThruNite TH10 V2 with this light , that footage begins at 15:30 of the video timeline.

Video followed by listed specs………………….

•LED: CREE XHP35 LED with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
•Runs on: 1 × 3100mAh 18650 IMR battery (included).
•Working voltage: 2.75V-4.2V.
•Charging current/voltage: 1.1A / 5V
•Output & Runtime (Tested with ThruNite 3100mAh 18650 IMR battery):

Turbo(2300 lumens~820 lumens /2 mins+83 mins),
 High(1050 lumens/90 mins),
 Meidum(250 lumens /6.5 hrs),
 Low(25 lumens /68 hrs),
 Firefly(1 lumens /41.5 days),
 Strobe (830 lumens /180 mins).

•Peak beam intensity: 15200cd.
•Max beam distance: 246m.
•Power interface: micro USB charging port.
•Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
•Impact resistant: 1.5 meters.
•Working Temperature: -20℃-40℃.
•Dimensions: 122.5mm (length) x 27mm (body diameter) x 24mm (head diameter).
•Weight: 71g (excluding battery).
•Accessories: Holster x1, Spare O-ring x2, Lanyard x1, Pocket Clip x1,
 ThruNite 3100mAh 18650 IMR Battery x1, USB Charging Cable x1, Spare USB Rubber Cover x1, Spare Side Switch Cap x1.

•Turn On/Off
 Press the side switch to turn the light on/off.
•Change Modes
 With the light off, press and hold the side switch to get firefly mode. With the light turns on, press and hold the side switch to circle through Low, Medium and High mode. Double click to turn to turbo from any mode. Another double click to get to Strobe.
•ITC Technology
 The light will automatically lower the current when temperature in LED or driver rises to 80 degrees centigrade to protect the flashlight from overheating. Thus to extend its lifespan.
•Battery Replacement
 Take off the tail cap, insert the battery with the anode (+) toward the LED assembly (head of the light),
 screw the tail on and tighten it all the way to operate the light.
•We suggest to charge the battery in the TC15 light. During charging, the indicator is RED; After being fully charged, the indicator will be BLUE; When indicator flashes purple, it means abnormal charging. Only firefly and low mode is available duing charging.
•Battery Capacity Indicators
 Battery capacity: >20%, Blue light will be ON.
 Battery capacity: 10%-20%, Red light will be ON.
 Battery capacity: <10%, Red light will flash and remind to charge the battery immediately.
 After being fully charged, Blue light will be ON.
 Note: the battery capacity indicator will not work at Firefly mode, or when the battery capacity is 0%.

LED Flashlight Modifications / Olight X6 marauder issues
« Last post by Teejay1324 on September 11, 2019, 02:44:38 AM »
I have an olight X6 that quit working a while back and after reaching out to olight multiple times with no response part of which was during the warranty period I gave up and put it on a shelf. I would like to get this light going again and looking for help. The light will not turn on at all in any function. The battery will come on and display the green light indicating that it is fully charged and I was able to measure 12.3VDC (if I'm remembering right since it's been a while) at the proprietary connector from the battery. My normal thought having done that would be that the issue was within the light, BUT when I switch off the battery pack the lights go immediately out whereas when the light was working it would cycle down green, yellow, red, off, slowly. This makes me think that the battery is the problem but by the time this happened the battery packs were no longer available. If anyone can point me in the right direction as to how to test further or a way to repower this light with a new battery and modification please help! I can provide pictures and videos of the light if requested.

New Member Introductions / Hello from Florida
« Last post by naturegirl on September 07, 2019, 04:35:08 PM »
Hello! I am a camping enthusiast, who also wants to learn more about flashlights for several reasons, 1, we lose power a lot! Figuring out best kinds of lights that dont use a ton of batteries would be great. 2, I love to camp and am always looking for cool lights to use, 3, also interested in the self defense aspect of a good EDC.
Flashlight Reviews / (Review) Acebeam W30 White laser flashlight
« Last post by Mikelights on September 02, 2019, 10:41:27 PM »
Today we will be taking a look at the Acebeam W30, the first of its kind with over 2600 Meters of throw or 1.6 MILES. This is a beyond line of sight flashlight that uses LEP technology to achieve its monstrous throwing power, it is powered by a single 21700 lithium cell which gives it light weight and long run time capabilities with 1 hour and 45 minutes of battery life. Our particular model is the 6500k version and it’s rated at 1.5 million candela. Many people wouldn’t find much use in this type of flashlight but when you need immense throw this will not disappoint! This can be purchased directly from Acebeam’s amazon store for $259.00 USD and it comes with a charging cable, battery and a red filter.

Watch and enjoy!

General Flashlight Discussion / Re: What flashlight should I get? Let us help!
« Last post by macka17 on August 29, 2019, 06:04:22 AM »
Just as a matter of interest.  Why would a person  ""realistically"" need a torch that throws a km or more.

You'd need binoculars to define anything at that distance??. and whatever??.
 Would be long gone by the time you got there anyway.
General Flashlight Discussion / Re: What flashlight should I get? Let us help!
« Last post by spotlight11 on August 25, 2019, 04:45:56 PM »
Honesty, I think a flashlight is a great gift. If you want to get a good flashlight for him then I suggest getting the Manker E12. This is a good flashlight if you don't want to break the bank. It is actually very powerful and long-lasting. I would say it's one of the brightest flashlights on the market right now. You could also take it a step further and get him a spotlight. Personally, I prefer a handheld spotlight over a flashlight because they are close to the same price, but a spotlight offers a lot more brightness. Some of the brightest spotlights can be found at your local Walmart, dicks sporting goods, or on amazon. You can find reviews for the brights spotlights here:
New Member Introductions / Re: New member
« Last post by a1sealbeach on August 23, 2019, 03:09:59 PM »

First time here. Look forward good relations. Thanks.
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