Author Topic: 18650 Longevity. Charging 8 cells in LED vs. seperately in external charger?  (Read 2204 times)

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I'm thinking of getting the Acebeam X65 & it looks like the 8 cells get charged up by simply plugging the charger cord in the rear of the flashlight in a convenient way. I do have a Fenix & Nitcore 4 bay charger also that I use for smaller LED.

I have read comments that people prefer to take the 18650 cells out of the led & charge them separately with their own charger.

Does this really make a difference? Will using the acebeam provided charger shorten the 18650's life or do any other negative things to them?

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I Have a coupla single cell LED's and an Xtar  charger.

The Xtar trips out and floats at 4.2 max.EVERY time.
Unless 3.87 batt's.

The 4 Torches with inbuilt charge.
Vary from 3.7 to 4.53. Irregularly.

Xtar. EXternal every time for me thank you.

There are much better quality  charging circuits
 in actual  free standing NAMED  chargers I find.

The lower the high trip out charge figure they trip at.
The longer will last the individual cell.

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