Have you ever had a problem or a failure with the lamp Zebralight SC600 Mk III after one year of use ?

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Author Topic: Zebralight SC600 Mk III Reliability and quality (RARE DISCUSSION) !  (Read 936 times)

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Hello everyone,

I would like to open a discussion that is very rare on the net, it is about the quality and reliability of zebralight sc600 lamps (if it's possible, exactly the model Mk III 1300 lum).
Generally the discussions speak only about the perforemances and the technical characteristics, but are rarely speak about the reliability and the quality of the duration of use (breakdown, warm up, oxidation ...).

Are there any comments about the reliability and quality of SC600 Mk III zebralight lamps after a period of use?

Thank you in advance for all.

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Re: Zebralight SC600 Mk III Reliability and quality (RARE DISCUSSION) !
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Certify that the details you have correctly not have to wait long, as other longer as great as ever.