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Just sharing
« on: August 10, 2013, 03:21:20 PM »
Asking Supbeam few days ago about T10, almost buy it but shipping cost and method made me retracted.
What's annoying me is they refuse to sent using HK Post or EMS China Post, the option is using DHL/Fedex which I don't like not just because high shipping fee.
The reason is because in my experience DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS sometime (if not always) not deduct tax exemption USD 50 (to my country) for tax calculation, charge me warehouse fee and another handling fee. They have their warehouse in airport with special assigned custom duty officer, more strict on checking items and sometime those guys make their own price assumption for the goods, not like if using HK Post / Sing Post / China Post which usually more lenient.
Few days passed and asked them again, said already sent me email but goes to my spam folder ... oopsss.
This time I offer to charge me using Fedex rate but shipped using EMS China Post, got refused :(

Sorry for my grumble.

At last I take my bet and put the order but for less expensive flashlights. To reduce shipping cost (they offer me USD 22 as minimum) for 1 item, I consciously do rather stupid thing and order few items, end up with (shipping cost become USD 30):

L10 USD 11,3 (XP-G on their description, received GP-G on blue, XP-G2 on neutral color).   
S50 USD 16.8 (XP-G on description, received GP-G2, should be XP-G2 as default, their manual stated it as XP-G2 too).
EC10 USD 24.43 (XM-L T6, support 14500 battery).
EC30 USD 26.98 (XM-L T6, 18650/2xRCR123, have some colors too, mine working only with button top battery).
L15 USD 37.8 (XM-L2 version), I really like it, balance flood and throw.

Arrived today (with Fedex charged me another USD 5.5 for handling bla bla bla), I'm glad that all flashlights working as it should be.

Other items that I asked the price:
K40 USD 59.9
T10 USD 61.9 (XM-L2, 0D)

They said there's paypal fee which not charged in my order because forgot to add it, so I don't know how much it is.

May be this is not the best price we can get, but at least can be use as guideline if want to buy some of those items from them.

My contact for this order:

She's nice, I asked to test my order before shipped it and she did it. I believe so because my flashlight boxes is opened and one have slight tear :) and willing to cooperate by modifying the invoice ;)

About similarity between Supbeam and Thrunite, please read post #23 (already change the original picture though) :D
While TN31 XM-L U2 version have exactly same output with Supbeam K40 U2, TN31 XM-L2 U2 version slightly different output (Thrunite give the output numbers after K40 L2).

PS: please remove this post to proper thread if necessary.