Author Topic: Bad Charger or Batteries?  (Read 2573 times)

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Bad Charger or Batteries?
« on: June 27, 2016, 08:04:14 AM »
I have the Powerex MH-C808M & two sets of fairly new nimh batteries, & not sure if the batts are being properly charged as a couple of times the batts were not fully charged.

Do these runtimes sound right?

1: 9xAA eneloops that power my MAG85/borealis. 10min on/10min off use. Usually a total of 30mins (with drain plug to take away overcharge before turning on), before dimming is obvious & 40mins If batts left overnight. Is it safe to assume if the voltage of a charge AA is 1.4V that's its charging full?

2: 4x Imedion 9500mah running a 20dollar 1500lumen LED on high. 10min on, 10min off I get 70mins before it dims drastically & 80 before it shuts off. Also within a few minutes on high it's light output reduces somewhat, not sure if it's led protection or batt performance dropping? I know on high this is really 1500lumens at first by comparing to other lights.

Just wan't to be sure if my charger is fine or faulty.

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Re: Bad Charger or Batteries?
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I never knew there was this.