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opinions on a new project
« on: August 09, 2013, 01:37:15 PM »
I've been tasked with building up a moderately impressive thrower by a blf member.

Following on from djozz's excellent torture thread

along with tom e's results on the tn31, I'm feeling the urge to push the boat out a little......

I intend to use a convoy l2 (because I already have one and it's being the guinea pig)

this driver

and either an xm-l2 u2 or xp-g2 r5, dedomed and on a noctigon star, I intend to get a lux meter because I'm in need of recordable results now.

So, I need to get the guy two good 26650 cells, protected, I'm sure trustfire flames will easily do 2.5a each but I worry about them matching,  anyone any suggestions there? And for fun, anyone fancy a guess on which will throw better and which I end up going for? I'm building up two lights so I can do back to back comparisons, I personally like the xp-g2 but dedomed it may become a real laser beam, I suspect the xm-l2 u2 will give the more usable beam.

I will do a small giveaway for the pick of the correct guess on what I end up choosing.   giveaway closes when I post up the results and build log. I do invite as much conversation as possible on this because I really dont know how it'll go yet.