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Exclusive Special Offer for TFE & BLF Members
What is this?

Limited time Special Offer for both TFE and BLF members! Thank you very much for TFE Spasmod and BLF sb56637 to make this promotion happen. Please continuie reading and find out what are included in this Special Offer!

Special Offer - Highly discounted LED flashlights for all forum members:


SKU: 14514
UniqueFire UF-V10-4 4-LED 3-Mode LED Flashlight - Black (4*18650) 

Price after 20% off discount : $31.2

SKU: 13394
UniqueFire UF-K21 XM-L U2 5-Mode LED Flashlight w/Magnetic Tail (1*CR123A) - Black )

Price after 30% off discount : $11.43

SKU: 8230
TrustFire - Z5 Flood-to-Throw T6 LED 1000Lumen 5-Mode Flashlight (2*18650) 

Price after 25% off discount : $16.43

SKU: 11253
SMALL SUN ZY-T13 T6 5-Mode 1200-Lumen LED Flashlight - Black (2*18650)

Price after 25% off discount : $18.15

SKU: 7937
The BLF Lanyard

Price after 50% off discount : $0.75

SKU: 11338
SKYRAY S-R5 Flashlight Tube - Metallic Blue (No LED emitter)
Price after 35% off discount : $5.53

SKU: 10447
UltraFire 26.5MM Cree U2 5-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V Max)
Price after 40% off discount : $7.2

SKU: 13907
UltraFire C12 Cree XM-L2 5-Modes Memory LED Flashlight - Black (18650)
Price after 30% off discount : $13.29

Mega Special Offer only available for the existing forum Members: (Requires membership 30 days or older)

SKU: 14512
TrustFire TR-S700 7 X CREE XM-L T6 3800-Lumen LED Flashlight w/Step-less Brightness Control And Handle Switch (3*26650)
Price after 15% off discount : $109.65

SKU: 14513
TrustFire TR-J20 12 X Cree XM-L T6 5-Mode Memory LED Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3*26650)
Price after 20% off discount : $79.2

How do I participate?

You may complete an order on with the items above, and come back to forum to give a private message to myself including the following information:
1. Order Number.
2. Email address

Please notice that MP (Manapoints, store credit) will be provided within 5 working days after the end of Special Offer.

Simple Rules

1. Each (new or existing) forum members can request the MP for up to 2 items.
2. Existing forum members with membership older than 30 days can request the MP for an extra item from the Mega Special Offer.
3. This Special Offer event ends 11-AUG-2013.

Be a part of the community. Have fun, enjoy and receive greater benefit from the future Special Offer!

Notice: Manafont reserves the rights to make final judgement in case of contention/disputation.
Customer Services Team