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Let's Get Started!!!!

I used the original battery ARC18650H-310A with 3.100mAh. In the first 16 minutes, the performance drops from 1,785 lumens to 1,657 lumens. At minute 17, it shifts jerkily down to 1.003 lumens. During minute 21 the battery warning turned on and the lamp blinked every few seconds, the lower lights can still be used normally. When using the battery warning I canceled the test, the battery had at this time 3.29 Volt. If the lamp continues to run, the protection trip of the battery triggers at some point, there was not an end switch up to 3.0 volts

The L16 is delivered in a sturdy cardboard box. A holster, a clip, a combat ring, a 18650 Li-Ion battery, a USB charging cable, a lanyard, a tailcap rubber, two O-rings and a user manual are included.

Size comparison

Flashlight head
The lamp head has 2 large cooling ribs. Behind the stainless steel bezel sits a tempered glass. The perfectly centered Cree XHP35 HI LED has a color temperature of 6,500k and sits in a deep SMO reflector. The Bezel has an internal thread where you can screw in optionally available color filter / diffuser. The reflector-LED combination is optically identical to the EC60.

Inside view
There is a spring in the tailcap and the battery tube. The battery is double-walled. The inner tube is connected from the rear switch to the driver ground. The contact to the inner tube is realized by means of a brass plate next to the tailcap spring. The outer tube serves as a normal mass connection of the accumulator to the driver.

Battery tube
The battery tube has a very gripping structure. Due to this surface and the Combatring, it is also slip-resistant in the hand when wet. The thread is clean cut and lightly lubricated.

Internal charging function
A micro-USB connector is located underneath a rubber cover. The cover sits tightly tight and seals reliably. Only the nipple to open interferes with something, so you can quickly hang somewhere. The charging voltage is reliably from 4.18V to 4.20V. The charging current is 0.95A.

The holster is very high quality and made of strong material. The L16 fits in both directions purely, but with the head upwards it sits better.

The clip sits tightly, so you can easily attach the lamp to the belt.

Side Switch:
Click the side switch to ON/OFF,
When flashlight is ON, press and hold the side switch to  cycle from Firefly-Low-Mid-High modes,
loosen then at  your selected mode. Next ON will memorize the last mode  you selected without  replace battery.
Double click the side switch access Turbo mode and  triple click access Strobe mode regardless  the  flashlight is ON or OFF.
Tactical Tail Switch:
Click the tactical tail switch for momentary on and  constant activation at Turbo mode regardless what the  status of flashlight is.
Please note if click the tactical tail switch at first,  any side switch operation is useless.
Lock Out:
When flashlight is OFF, press and hold the side switch  for 3 seconds, the flashlight will Lock Out after 3 seconds'
Firefly  output. It is useless for side switch operation now but click the tactical tail switch still can access Turbo  mode.
When flashlight is Locked Out, press and hold the side  switch for 3 seconds, the flashlight will Unlock and light at Firefly mode.

Matching filter include colors: red, green, orange and white-diffuse.

The frame is made of aluminum. The filters are made of glass.On the underside is the thread, this runs very well without lubrication. The disc is held in the mount with a screwable ring and can be replaced.

To mount the filter you have to screw them into the screws.

Beam tesing with Different filters

Finsihed! Thanks for your reading and leave any reviews for us to improve our Next New Acebeam light!
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