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Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« on: October 03, 2017, 07:48:22 PM »
This is the Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie weapon light , sent to me for review from Olight and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

The PL-Mini can be found at the following links (NON affiliated)……. is external) is external)

The PL-Mini is a very compact and very robust little weapon light that can be mounted on the stock Glock rails or ANY Picatinny rail mount , whether on a pistol , rifle , or shotgun. The package includes the Light itself , the magnetic charger , the adapter for the Picatinny rails (comes with Glock rail mount on it) and the tool for changing to that adapter.

Being a weapon light the PL- Mini size is very small and the UI was kept very simple , with a single mode for constant on , or a single “tactical” mode and the light is made to be ambidextrous. The constant on is activated with a quick press of either of the switches that are located at the very rear of the light and in position for an easy touch when mounted on a pistol. To turn the light off from the constant on mode another quick press is all that is needed. The tactical , or momentary on , is done with a press and hold of either switch and goes off when released , no matter if only held for a couple of seconds or for a long period , as long as the switch is fully depressed and held , the light stays on and then goes off when the switch is released.

The PL-Mini uilizes the XP-L HI emitter with 400 lumens and a fairly wide , but yet also fairly defined hotspot , the PL-Mini has a good coverage for indoor and Tactical type use. The beam indoors is plenty to light up most any room and with the momentary on function the light becomes very tactially friendly , as you can use it quickly , let go of the switch for the light to go off and then reposition if needed. The PL-Mini will also go pretty much unnoticed as far as feeling any extra weight on your weapon , as it is a very lightweight at only 62 grams total.
 The PL-Mini would also be suited for outdoor use for shorter distances of probably 40 yards or less , which if using a pistol , is more than enough distance to see.

With the quick release cam lock lever on the light , it makes changing out the light , or moving it to a different weapon very easy and only takes seconds to do. You simply pull outward on the lever to unlock the light , move it to the next weapon and then push the locking lever back down to lock it onto your weapon of choice.

I also dropped this light onto the (simulated) wood floors in my house from shoulder height (I am 5’9”) 10 times in a row , just to see how it handled the shock of hitting and bouncing from that height. The light is still working as it should and I couldnt even find a mark on the anodizing , so I would say just from that test the PL-Mini will stand up to at least SOME rough treatment.

The cell inside the (sealed) case is listed as a 260 mAh Li-Po , but even with that the light gives just over an hour of constant run time without turning it off. My readings as far as the Max lumens and the run times both were almost spot on with what Olight has listed for this light. Only 1 lumen difference and 2 minutes difference on the run time. (The lumens and run time I tested are listed in the chart below.)

Overall I am very pleased with this little light. I think Olight has come up with a very nice , compact and very functional weapons light that will serve its purpose well.

Run Times and lumens Testing…..

I forgot to add the pictures of the PL-Mini installed on the pistol in the video portion so here those are……..

For those who do not want to watch the whole video the still pictures and beamshots start at 6:03 of the timeline and the outside live footage starts at 8:43 of the video timeline.

It seems the Video Embed is not working with this site right now so here is the Youtube link for the Video if you cant see it here.....

Video followed by listed specs…………

 Beam Distance (ft) 246
 Beam Distance (m) 75
 Max. Performance (lumens) 400
 Charge type Magnetic USB charge base
 Compatible Batteries Customised Li-Ion Battery
 Light Intensity (candela) 1400
 Light Form Standard hotspot diameter with impressive distance. The perfect all-around beam profile.
 Lens / Reflector Type Smooth reflector (central area and flood area)
 Mode Operation Side Switch
 Form/Size Factor Small size (Car key / Zippo Lighter)
 Series Series PL (gun flashlight)
Unique Characteristics •ambidextrous switch that can be only side pressed (from up to down);
•smallest pistol flashlight with recharging function;
•narrow and simple design perfect for IWB carry;


LEVEL 1 (lumens) 400
 Run-time LEVEL 1
 400lumens (~60lm);
•1h10m (1m).
Strobe No

 Waterproof IPX6
 Weight (g / oz) 62 / 2.19
 Length (mm / in) 61.2 / 2.41
 Head Diameter (mm / in) 31.2 / 1.23
 Body Diameter (mm / in) 26.9 / 1.06
 Led Cree XP-L HI
 Packaging Carton box
 Use Police, military, tactical use
 Package Contents •Flashlight x 1
•Magnetic charger USB cable x 1
•260mAh built-in lithium polymer battery
•1913 Rail Mount (for 1913 Rail) x 1
•T6/T8 Socket Head Wrench x 1
•Instruction Manual
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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2017, 05:55:03 PM »
Well done.

Thank you for speaking on my level. No need to put on my propellerhead hat to understand this light.

From the viewpoint I come from I won't be purchasing this one, but your review will certainly help others leaning on the fence decide one way or the other.

John 3:16

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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2017, 03:40:14 AM »
Haha you are welcome Fixer......I don't see the need for a lot of the fancy terminology that is used many times to be honest and I am a pretty down to earth guy , so I just tell it in my words and the way I see it usually.

Always glad to do the reviews and a big part of the reason is just what you help those who may be undecided , or like me they don't trust most of the Amazon or "on site" reviews of many of these lights.

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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2017, 01:52:56 AM »
There's this other forum *cough-candlepower-cough* that requires a bunch of techno speak, chartz, graphs and moving pictures to so called qualify as a review. Yet at the end you are left with doubt whether or not a light is practical for a given task. You are however dazzled by how many milliseconds longer brand A battery lasts than brand B and have the priveledge of knowing the latest-greatest flavor of the week LED is included.

Just shout "fore" and whack it with a golf club. If it still works... probably durable.
Shine it on an olive drab target at X number of feet or meters. Can you tell what said target is? Good enough.
Did the battery last the stated length of time? It's a simple yes or no.

Your review checks all of those boxes without going into the weeds with a bunch of inside baseball speak. Instead the reader gains a mental picture of the features that matter most.

Chances are somebody using this light who is worried about the minute details is not someone who has life or death at the forefront of their useage.

Sorry to ramble. I just wanted to jot a few words of why your review was a home run in my view.

John 3:16

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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #4 on: October 07, 2017, 11:43:17 AM »
Again thanks Fixer..........

Yea it gets pretty technical over at the other place sometimes and the atmosphere isn't as laid back as it is here for sure , but we can let them do their thing over there and do ours here.

I am like you when I look at a  light it practical for what the average user needs? Does it do what it is supposed to do according to the maker? will it work when I push the button every time? Is it a well built light or simply junk being old as a quality product.

Olight is one of the more expensive lights , but they usually have a really good product that is dependable and will last for years  to come , so I figure pay a little extra for them to get a light you know is quality , or if you are really budget minded , then research and find another brand that is well built but cost a little less and have a light that will serve you well either way.
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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2017, 03:29:13 AM »
is it like laser ?
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Re: Review // Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie Weapon Light
« Reply #6 on: December 12, 2017, 07:28:43 AM »
is it like laser ?

No....It is a 400 lumen flashlight with some pretty good output for such a compact light.
If you are able to watch the video there is beamshots and live footage both showing it there.
Starting at about 8:08 of the video timeline............
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