Author Topic: Fellow Flashlight enthusiast passed Away  (Read 10162 times)

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Fellow Flashlight enthusiast passed Away
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:58:44 AM »
I wasn't exactly sure where to put this but ..........

Many of you may have heard of "Going Gear" website?
He worked with and did a lot of reviews for Olight.

Marshall Hoots  (of the going gear site) passed away and Olight is stepping up and donating 100% of ALL their sales on 10-06-17 to the family of Marshall Hoots.
If you have been considering buying any Olight product tomorrow would be a great time to help the family out in a time of need.

Here is a link to the Facebook article , and for those who don't do facebook here is a quote from what Olight had to say.......................

Olight World

"Marshall W. Hoots from Going Gear will forever be a part of the Olight family. Olight began working with him in 2009 and we have received incredible support for the brand from there on out with his wonderful online/offline presence. He has had an enormous impact on Olights product evolution including the integration of moonlight mode, copper edition lights, and the naming of several models such as the legendary S1 Baton. It has been an honor to know and work with Mr. Hoots and we are extremely sorry to see him go. Rest in peace.

Tomorrow/Friday 10/6/17, We will donate 100% of every order placed on to help Marshalls family during this difficult time. We highly recommend placing an order tomorrow to support one of the most important lives in the flashlight industry.
Thank you for your attention and support"
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