Author Topic: Beamshots of Dedomed/Modified Lights  (Read 4641 times)

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Beamshots of Dedomed/Modified Lights
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:09:09 PM »
I was finally able to take outdoor beamshots of my dedomed /modified lights. I was able to successfully dedome three flashlights only and destroyed 3 XM-Ls in the process too. I've also included beamshots some of my stronger flashlights. The target is a tree which per Google Earth is 95.55 meters away.

Here are my throwers:

4Sevens Maelstrom X10

JetBeam BC40

Convoy C8 T6 3C 10*7135

Convoy C8 T6 3C 10*7135 Dedomed

Police CY-T91 Dedomed

SupBeam K40 R120 Resistor Mod, Dedomed

UltraFire BM-8099 XR-E FTT

Here are some of my other strong lights:

Police BL-8498 XM-L FTT

UltraFire WF-502B

SingFire SF90 Bike Light

MagLight 4D Modified to 6*XR-E

Sky Ray King 3*XM-L

Black Shadow Terminator 4*XM-L U2

TrustFire X-100 7*XM-L