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Review Sofirn "Upgraded" C8F with copper board & XP-L's
« on: December 12, 2017, 09:06:39 AM »
This is the Newest “Upgraded” model Sofirn C8F , sent for my review from Sofirn and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

The C8F can be found at this link…….. is external) (Link is NON Affiliated)

and at the time of my review Sofirn is offering a 25% discount with code “N6LKSTK9” without the “ “ marks.

I will start out by saying I was plesantly surprised with this new model C8F. Although I dont have the first model , from everything I have seen on them they just were not near the standards the new light is as far as the internal parts go.
 Sofirn seems to be listening and making some good progress based on the reports they are getting on thier products from the customers to get everything right.

The MCPCB has now been replaced with a 30 mm DTP all copper board , the XP-G3 emitters were changed out and the C8F now has XPL emitters in it (nice neutral white). There is a 17 mm driver that is near direct drive also. The issue of the light not stepping down from Turbo when turned on from off mode also has been adressed. These things together with the nice build quality of the new C8F seem to have made this newest model a very good quality light now.

The package comes with everything one might need if they are just starting out as it contains the light itself with the cell , a single cell USB charger , extra O-rings ,lanyard and the user manual. The cell that comes with the light is a 3000 mAh , high drain cell and actually holds it’s own against cells like the LG HE4 , Efest purple High drain and such , from what testing I have done. The lumens and tail amp readings both with the included cell are within striking distance with most of the bigger name cells. I might mention also the cells that were first done are actually a misprinted label for the cell they are on , as it reads to be a Protected cell , when it in fact is a high drain UNprotected cell. This was confirmed by Sofirn after the question came up as to how a protected cell was making about as much output as a high drain.

The anodizing is all very well done and I could not find a bare or thin spots anywhere on the sample I received. There is NO knurling on the C8F and even though the anodizing looks kind of slick , it has enough texture to it that you actually have a pretty decent grip surface.
 The threads are pretty much square cut and are smooth and were lightly lubed. There is just a slight bit of play in the head threads when you first start screwing the tube in , but that little bit of play goes away when you start nearing the O-ring and everything tightens up very well. I have not found any sharp edges on the light anywhere either.

The newest model C8F also has great heat sinking with the integrated driver shelf and the copper MCPCB , which is attached to the bottom of the heavy built reflector , via a screw holding it in place there. The reflector and the MCPCB are both held firmly in place then by another screw , that goes in from the under side of the driver shelf into the center of the reflector and through the MCPCB. This pretty much makes the  MCPCB and the reflector one big heat sink to help move some of that heat from the 3 XP-L emitters and the average 8.5 amps (and slightly over depending on cell) out of the light. Another little surprise was that both ends of the light (driver and tailcap springs) are factory bypassed. As most of you know that are reading this , that can help a great deal getting the full output potential out of the light itself , as it reduces the resistance a good bit usually.

The UI is kind of unique , as it is a 4 group driver on this one and it does also have reverse polarity protection. That will all be listed in the specs at the end , but I will get into a little of it now. As mentioned above the first models would not step down from Turbo IF you went straight from off to Turbo. Now the light will actually turn itself off if you go directly from off to Turbo at 2 1/2 minutes. If the light is turned on normally and then double clicked to Turbo then it will step down at the 2 1/2 minute mark , to the last used mode setting you were in before the Turbo was activated. There is mode memory and it is also a little different. To get to the last used mode when the light is turned off you actually do a longer press of the switch (about 1/2 second). The moon mode is activated a little differently on this one also. To get the moon mode from off you press and hold but, the light will blink quickly to the last used mode and then it is in moon mode. So I guess what I am saying is….. press , very fast blink of last used mode , into moon , all with the single longer press and it happens in or under one second. The kids or muggle mode is done by a press and hold for 10 seconds from any other mode.
There is also a battery level check , it is activated with 3 quick clicks from OFF. The light can be electronically locked out with 4 quick clicks from the off position , or manually locked out with a slight turn of the tailcap.

Overall I think this one is a winner in both build quality and performance and it does very well even without any mods straight out of the box , because it is essentially a factory modded light as it is. The run times are also good considering especially that one cell is running the 3 emitters at once and the light will give over 2 hours of run time from Turbo until the cell is depleted.
Here are the charts on the run time test and the output test I did with included cell and the LG HE4 to compare.

I know there are probably some things I am missing , as there really is alot going on with this light overall , so if I have not mentioned something that you might have a question about , just ask and I will do my best to give you an answer.

For those who do not want to watch the whole video , the Teardown and beamshots of the light start at 6:09 of the video timeline and the live outdoor footage starts at 11:36 of the video timeline. There are a lot of teardown close ups and beamshots.

Video embedding still not working so  here is the direct link to my Youtube Video for those who want to see more of the light , including the teardown , the still beamshots and the live outdoor footage.

The teardown and beamshots start at 6:09 of the video timeline and the live outdoor footage starts at 11:36 of the video timeline. There are a lot of teardown close ups and beamshots.

LISTED Specs.......
 √CCT Range:5350K-5700K, Neutral White(NW)
 √Four light Groups:
 Group4(Muggle/Kids Group)Low1(20LM)>Low2(70LM)>Medium(150LM)
 Turbo:2580 Lumen.(2800mah unprotected 18650 battery used in test) In any mode (except lock-out and Kids group), Double-click to go to Turbo
 √Light Cup: smooth reflector
 √Thermoelectric separated MCPCB
 √Reverse polarity protection, to protect from improper battery installation. The light is off if battery install improper.

The original groups is group 1 and it always cycle from Low to High
 1. Memory Function: from OFF, hold 0.5 seconds to go to the previous used mode
 2. In any mode, hold 1 second to go to Moonlight/ML

Mode Set Operation
 1, From ON, 4-click to go to another Light Group.
 2, Group 4 /Kids Group: In any mode (except lock-out), hold&press 10 seconds to go to Kids Group
 3, To Lock-Out the light, from OFF, 4 fast clicks
 4, Battery level Indicator: From on, 3 fast clicks to go to Battery level indicator
 5, Low Battery Indicator
 C8F Lampe; 18650 battery; USB charger; 2 of O-rings; lanyard; Manual