Author Topic: Review: Haxtec HC10 Micro USB Rechargeable Flashlight (1x18650)  (Read 1270 times)

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Review: Haxtec HC10 Micro USB Rechargeable Flashlight (1x18650)
« on: January 10, 2018, 04:33:44 PM »
This is the Haxtec HC10 Buddle sent to me for review for free except for keeping this light.
You may check their Amazon Store for more details: (not affiliated)

Prior Warning: I am NOT a flashlight expert by any means and I carry flashlights because I use them in my life: Lighting(of course), walking my dog, camping, snorkeling, emergency, etc. I am not a flashholic either. So in my review, I simply share my opinions with real user‘s experience and view.


The package contains everything you need: 1xHC10 Flashlight(with lanyard attached already), 2xO ring, 1xDLG 3200 mah battery, 1xUser Manual(couldn't find it when taking this photo)

Smooth reflector

Smaller than my ThruNite TC10

On the right is HC10

Tail stands firmly.

Now let get the teardown(not a serious one). I found this light is not glued on the head so I opened it.

It has low battery indication.

Three modes night beam:

Three modes beamshot on the wall:

Listed Specs:
Modes&Runtime: High: 1000lumens 3hrs/ Medium: 500lumens 6hrs/ Low: 300lumens 9hrs/ Strobe: 1000lumens/ SOS: 1000lumens
Micro USB Rechargeable: Yes

Press the side switch button to cycle through High-Medium-Low-OFF.
Strobe: Long press the side switch to get strobe from any mode.
SOS: Press the side switch to SOS mode from strobe mode.

Excellent Build quality and anodyzing
Tail stands really well
Switche is excellent and very easy to use
Three modes plus strobe and SOS, meet daily use quite well
Excellent price(only $29.99 usd for the buddle by the time of this review)

Low mode could be lower
No tail switch to control ON and OFF

Do I recommend it?
Yes if you are looking for a quality EDC within $30! I give it 4 stars and the 1 star missing is for the tail switch.

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Re: Review: Haxtec HC10 Micro USB Rechargeable Flashlight (1x18650)
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 07:49:33 AM »
Just found the price is down by 5 bucks?? Nice though...