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ThruNite TC20 (Compact XHP 70.2) / Full review
« on: January 21, 2018, 02:27:16 AM »
This is the ThruNite TC20 flashlight , sent to me for review by ThruNite and NO other compensation other than me keeping the light.

There is a 20% discount until January 31st using code TC20 on the main site…….. is external)

Light can also be found on Amazon………. is external) (both links are NON affiliated)

The TC20 arrived in an Amazon box with large bubble wrap and the ThruNite box inside that. Everything was well packaged and the Thrunite box and contents in perfect conditon when I received the light.
As I have come to expect with the ThruNite products the TC20 just made me think quality as soon as I pulled it from the box. A very compact , yet robust feeling light as soon as it is in hand.

The package includes the TC20 itself , 5000 mAh Thrunite protected cell , Nylon holster , extra O-rings and USB charging port cover , the charging cord , as well as the silicone piece that goes under the switch (incase it ever wears out) instruction manual and thank you card. The light is a very compact , single 26650 , and one of the smallest I know of out there in the form factor of XHP 70.2 and the single 26650 cell.

Left to right —— Thorfire VG10 / TC20 / Eagle Eye X6

On the outside of the light as mentioned , everything about it just says quality. The knurling is very well done and very grippy , the Anodizing is near flawless , bezel is well made and machined and the overall finish is just great.
The OP reflector is a heavy aluminum one with just about the right amount of texture to it (for my liking at least) and it is also machined very well. The reflector sits behind an AR coated lens that was almost invisible when I first took the light from the box.

The Side Switch is a very nice metallic switch and is the only switch on the light , controlling all functions. There is a light in the center of the switch that is an indicator and it comes on when the light is powered on , other than in the moon mode , with a blue light showing. The lighted switch also serves as a Low Voltage indicator and will turn Red when the cell starts nearing depletion. The same switch light is a charging indicator as well and shows Red when charging and then turns Blue once the cell is fully charged , using the USB charging port. If the cell is placed in the light reversed , or if there is another problem with the cell inserted , the indicator light will be blinking and show Purple to let you know something is wrong, or “improper charging”. The USB charging port is located on the opposite side of the switch and seems to be pretty well sealed when the rubber boot is properly in place. The listed amperage on the side charging port is 2 Amps , but I have not tested that.

The UI is a pretty simple one and has pretty good spacing between the modes to suite me. A long press from off will get the Moon mode , a press of about 1/2 second takes you to each “next” level of Low / Medium / High and then a quick double click gets you to the Turbo mode. The strobe is accessed with another quick double click from the Turbo. You can get the Turbo mode also from any other mode , including off and a quick click of the switch turns the light on or off. There is mode memory for the Low , Medium and High modes.

The tailcap springs (yes 2 of them) are 1 smaller spring in the center of the board as we are used to seeing and the other spring is a heavier gauge wire and much bigger in diameter. The Larger spring is a little less stiff than the center spring , so it allows the larger spring to compress easy when the tailcap is screwed down so that both of the springs are making contact and therefore helping carry the current without need for a spring bypass.
The threads on both ends of the tube and also the head and tailcap are all very well machined and square cut and all were lightly lubed.

The XHP 70.2 emitter sits perfectly in the middle of the large opening of the reflector and the MCPCB is screwed down to the shelf with 2 small screws. The smallish sized light handles the heat better than I thought it would from the XHP 70.2 emitter making all those lumens also. It does get hot by the time the light steps down , but not like instant blister you hot if you touch the head. The beam from the TC20 is a good mixture of throw and flood both , giving a very wide coverage area for such a small light and reflector , but at the same time it will put good light well downrange also.

AT 100 yards on High and Turbo / also at 50 yards Medium / High / Turbo

The charts on the Lumens and amperage testing I did with the TC20 ……….

The driver , best I can tell , is a Boost driver with constant current.
I have not gotten the driver out of the light yet as it seems to be either well glued or press fitted very tightly , I may revisit that at a later time. If I do decide to get the driver out of the light later I will update this thread at that time.

I personally am very pleased with the TC20 in the fit, finish , feel and overall performance of the light.

Video is still not working here as far as I know so here is the direct Youtube link for that.........

For those who may not want to see the whole video , but would like to see the outdoor “Live Footage” and comparison , The rest of the still shots of the light and beamshots start at 9:48 of the video timeline and the outdoor footage starts at 13:25 of the timeline.

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