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Thorfire TK05 / Full review
« on: February 01, 2018, 09:33:30 AM »
This is the Throfire TK05 , sent for my review and NO other comepensation other than keeping the light.

As far as I know the 20% off code is working at the time of this review …. L4SPZS6H
 Light can be found at ……… is external) (link NON affliated)

I know there are a few reviews out already on this light , but Thorfire asked me to do a review and I have had a number of set backs and / or hold up since that time , so my apologies to them and everyone else for not having this done sooner.

The TK05 is the newest Thorfire EDC style light , powered by either a 14500 , AA Alkaline or NiMH cell.
The light arrived in a padded mailing envelope with the Thorfire box inside that and the light itself in a bubble wrap sleeve inside the box. The package contains the TK05 , User manual and 2 extra O-rings.

The TK 05 is a side switch only with a simple UI , having only Low, Medium , High and hidden strobe modes , with last mode memory also.
To turn the light on it is a simple click of the side switch , then to change modes a quick click to advance to the next level and a quick double click to get the strobe mode. A longer press turns the light off and as mentioned the last used mode will be memorized. The strobe can be accessed from any other mode including off.

The over all appearance of the TK05 is very pleasing to my personal liking , with the large Pineapple style knurling on it , the metallic side switch and sliver clip to compliment that. The TK05 does tailstand well on a flat surface and although it does not come with a lanyard (at least my sample didn’t) there are 2 large lanyard holes if you wanted to put one on it.
 The styling is much like that on the TK18 , so if you have that one it makes a nice pair. Also if you have , or if you are familiar with the TG06 , the TK05 is just slightly shorter than that one.

The threads are all well machined and smooth on this one and the anodizing is well done also.
Manual Lockout only , at the head or the tailcap either one with about 1/8th of a turn.

There are Fins on the TK05 , although they are shallow , they do the job needed for this light. The light does not seem to need alot of cooling and does not get to the point of being really what I would call hot.
There is however a step down at 3 minutes and if you go back into the Turbo mode right away after the step down , then the light will start getting fairly hot the second cycle in Turbo.

The emitter is a XP-G3 sitting in the Orange peel reflector.

The beam is a more floody beam with the OP reflector , but for the small size and reflector it has , it does give a decent amount of distance to go along with the floody beam.

 think it should be mentioned that longer cells (over 51mm or 52mm) will probably not work in the TK05 , as I tried a couple of protected cells over the 51mm length and they would not work. I think it is the way the tailcap is designed as it has a flat area inside and NO retaining ring to allow that little bit of extra length from the way it looks to me. Also there is the fact that the spring is totally compressed with the longer cells. The AA alkalines and the AA Eneloop Pro , both work fine in the light , as do the unprotected button and flat top 14500.

Nothing is glued on the TK05 , so those who want to do mods on it will not have any problem getting into the light at all.

Overall I think the TK05 is a very nice little light and good for EDC.
 The only negative I have with this one is the XP-G3 emitter , as it does have that Olive color around the main hotspot that seems to be present with most of the XP-G3 emitter lights.

Here are the charts on the testing I have done with the TK05……….

For those who do not want to watch the whole video , the beamshots and stills of the light start at 6:43 of the video timeline and the live outdoor footage with comparison to the TK05 and the Thrunite Archer V2 starts at 9:24 of the timeline.
I kept saying TG05 in the video , but the light used is in fact the TK05.

Video is still not working here , so here is the direct link to the Youtube Video.....

Listed Specs........
 CREE XPG3 Led: with life span of 20+ years
 Size: 3.5inch(Length)*0.75 inch(Body diameter)
 Weight: 1.48 oz (excluding battery)
 Color Temperature: 5350-5700K
 Single Side Switch for on/off and output selection
 High efficiency lens
 On and Off
 Press and release the side switch to turn on the flashlight, Press and hold the switch to turn off the light.

Mode Change:
 Turn light on and click side switch to cycle through different brightness modes. The TK05 will cycle Low/Mid/High. In any mode, a fast double click of the side switch activates the strobe mode. Another click of the side switch will return you to the previous mode.

 To prevent accidental activation in a pocket or purse simply unscrew the tail cap 1/5 turn for a mechanical lockout. Tighten the tail cap to resume normal operation.

 The TK05 is very bright, Do not stare directly into beam or shine it directly into anyone’s face. If light will be stored for an extended period it is recommended that the battery be removed to avoid any leakage risk which might damage the light.

What’s in the package:
 1* ThorFire TK05 Led Flashlight
 2* Spare O-rings
 1* user manual
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