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Review // Sofirn SF14 - Dual Chemistry-AA size
« on: June 06, 2018, 05:15:19 PM »
This is the Sofirn SF14 , sent to me for review from Sofirn and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

The SF14 can be found at ……….. (Link is NON affiliated)

The SF14 came in a padded mailing envelope with the Sofirn Box inside that and all the contents well packed. The Sofirn box contains the light itself , 2 extra O-rings , Lanyard , keyring clip attachment , a Sofirn card and the instruction manual.

This is a dual chemistry , single cell AA / NiMH or 14500 cell light with an Orange Peel Reflector and XP-G2 emitter listed to be “neutral” in the 5350K-5700K range. I would guess my sample about in the middle at around 5500K. The OP reflector is a fairly light texture and the lens looks to be AR coated.

The Sf14 is designed as either / or EDC or Keychain light , as it has the pocket clip and the keyring attachment both. The size shape and output is very much like that of the Thorfire TG06-S for those who have , or that are familiar with that light.

All of the Anodizing (listed as type III) is well done and no thin or bare spots on the sample I got for review. The knurling is well made and the threads are all well cut and were lubed about the right amount when the light was unpacked.

The tailcap is pretty standard , with a reverse clicky switch in it. The Lanyard attachment hole(s) are made with 2 holes close together on one side , so the lanyard or key chain clip , can be attached without getting in the way if tail standing is desried. The light will tailstand but does need a fairly flat surface , due to the small contact area where the finger cut outs are on the tailcap.

The UI is a very simple with Low / Medium / High and always starts in the Low mode , unless you turn the light off and back on within 2 seconds , then it will advance to the next higher mode. The regular mode changes are a simple half press when the light is “on” to advance through the modes. NO strobe or SOS on this one.
 Although it is listed as having Low Voltage Protection on this light , the sample I received does NOT turn the light off or give warning of any kind with the 14500 cell. It is pretty obvious however when the cell is nearing depletion , as the light gets very dim. I observed this with my run time testing as the light was down to 31 lumens when I terminated the testing and had left the light on from High mode at start. (testing in charts just before the video)

The beam from the SF14 is not a all flood , nor is it a all throw , but more of a general purpose beam , with a little bit of reach for the small size of the light , as it will let you see decently out to around 80 yards or so. Up closer the beam tranistions pretty good from the hotspot to the spill and further out it is a wide hotspot with a pretty good transition into the spill area.

Here are the beamshots with the SF14……..
3 feet from garage door on Low mode , then Medium and High modes from 22 feet…..

100 yards and 75 yards on High mode………

50 yards on Medium and High mode………

25 yards Medium and High mode……

The Only CON I would have may be that for a “keychain” light specifically , it is just a little bigger than I would personally use for that purpose solely. As an EDC however the light works for me just fine. The LVP not working for me personally is no big deal either really.

Here are the testing charts on the light that I have done so far…………

If you see any pictures in the GIF images you might want a better look at , here is the link to all the still pictures of the light……

For those that may want to see the live outdoor footage , but not want to watch the whole video , that footage starts at 10:31 of the video timeline.
Link to the Youtube video...........
Listed Specs.........
• With a high-performance Cree LED, which has a lifetime of 50,000 hours
• The maximum output of 600 lumens
• Powered by a single AA battery or 14500 battery(14500 battery of diameter 14.3 mm /0.56 inch , with protection broad)
• Aircraft compact aluminum housing with anti-scratch type III hard anodising finish
• Easily attached to a key collar or lanyard through a key ring on the tail cap
• LED: CREE XP-G2 NW 5350-5700K
• Voltage: AA 1.5V 14500 2.8-4.2V
• Power: 5.7 Watt
• Max. Luminosity: 600 lumens
• Max. Light weight: 80g
• Water Resistant: IPX8 standard
• Weight of flashlight WITHOUT BATTERY: 39 g
• Size: 96mm(length)× 19mm(diameter) × 20mm(head)
 3 Modes powered by AA battery: Low 3 lumen/ 111h; Medium 33 lumen/ 10h27min; High 230 lumen/ 1h30min;
 3 Modes powered by 14500 battery( 14500battery of diameter 14.3 mm /0.56 inch , with protection broad): Low 5 lumen/ 100h; Medium 110 lumen/ 5h 40min; High 600 lumen/ 50min;

• 1 x Sofirn SF14 LED Mini Flashlight
• 2 x sealed O-rings
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