Author Topic: Are you still remember the classic cree q5 r5 t6 series lamp beads?  (Read 540 times)

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As the years passed, we witnessed the step-by-step development of cree. Now, who can still remember the first time when I got the q5 lamp flashlight, the feeling of white light is infinite!

At that time, the first time I got the flashlight of this lamp, I felt that it was a great joy. For those who used the yellow light flashlight, the first time I saw a flashlight that could emit white light, I felt that it was Rare! What's even more amazing is that this is like a sesame-sized yellow square, which can make such a dazzling white light, that is, sigh and curiosity!

Later, after learning from Google, I realized that this was originally a high-power LED. The light-emitting diodes used for the indicator light were used for the first time. The first time I saw the LEDs that can be used in the illumination, and the high intensity. Very concentrated, completely subverting the previous understanding of LEDs! Since then, I have been out of control, and I feel that Cree is amazing!

Do you still remember the lamp bead in the picture below, when a lamp with a price of $3 is used, a large-area ceramic base, a pure copper tin-plated core protection lens copper ring base, and high temperature are not melted and deteriorated. A lens made of high permeability resin! Even under the illuminating core, used to protect the core, straight through the 4.2v lithium battery does not burn, rectangular substrate protection chip! That's right. This is the most used lamp for countless brands/DIY/cottage flashlights in the past.

The classic lamp beads in CREE classics, XRE-Q5 lamp beads. Its 3 watt power is now out of date! But at the time, let us experience the thrill of a white light flashlight, so until now we clearly remember that its model XRE / optical pass 220LM / power 3W / voltage 3.3-3.5v / current 1A and early 5 gear dimming 1A current Drive circuit 7135*3! In the later stage of this lamp, the core Q5/R2 is also derived.

The picture below is a small core Q5. The large core R2 covers the bottom of the bottom mos and does not see the core red border!

This lamp bead is definitely rare. It is the first generation of CREE lamp beads. It is a single-line XRE P4 lamp bead earlier than q5. The lamp bead is 3 vertical cores smaller than Q5, and the actual power is 1-1.5w! This uses is not as good as Q5, but the core is smaller than Q5 so the long-range capability is stronger! Therefore, some flashlight enthusiasts love this lamp bead!