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Tank007 F2 - Double Lighting Source Zoom Flashlight
« on: September 11, 2018, 09:14:40 AM »
The Tank007 F2 flashlight is a great practical light with special feature of double LEDs for both white light luminating and UV light. There are one white high power 3W LED and one high power 1W UV LED in its head. The maximum white LED output is 160 lumens and the range is 130m and the UV LED operates at a wavelength of 365 nm. The white light is used for portable lighting and the UV light is used for fluorescence detecting, application mainly in banking, police, metallurgy, jewelery, antiques, etc.

The exception of the Tank007 F2, except for the use of 2x LEDs, is that it is focussed and very small dimensions. The luminaire features a simpler focusing (zoom optics), and with one finger in a second, you change the light beam scatter. There is an aspherical lens in the head. By shifting the head, the light cone can be concentrated to a small square to achieve an excellent long-lasting lighting to light far distance, or extend the light cone into a very wide, uniformly illuminated circle without focus, which is suitable for illuminating the wide space in the vicinity. Control of the lamp is secured by the rear switch. Using a hanging clip, you can hang the light on your pants pocket, the shirt pocket.

Main Parameters:
White Light:
- LED: high power 3W LED
- LED Lifespan: above 50,000 hours
- Max Brightness: 160 lumens
- Max Beam Distance: 130m
- Power: high power 1W UV LED
- Wavelength: 365nm
- LED Life: 10,000 hours
Power Source: 1 x AA alkaline or NI-MH battery
Burn Time: 0.7 hours
Modes: Two modes ( white light LED and UV LED )
Input Voltage: 0.8 - 3.0V
Lens: Glass convex lens
Impact Resistance: 1.5m
Waterproof: IPX-7

Product Features:
● Adjustable Focus
It can be focused and zoomed, concentrate light to light far distance and cover large space with flood light.             
● Portable Design
Small size with metal pocket clip, easy to carry.
● Convenient Power Source
Powered by one ordinary 1.5V AA battery or NI-MH battery, which are easy to get.
● Tail Button Switch
Designed with the button switch on the tail, easy to operate making it have tactical feature.
● Wide Application
This flashlight has double LEDs, with both white light and UV light. Its UV light can be used but not limited to:
- Counterfeit and banknotes distinguishing
- Fluorescent agents in various clothes and commodities detection
- Fluorescent reflection of special materials detection

Thanks to white and purple double light source, it is multi-purpose, really practical. With it, some small problems in life can be readily solved, come to GearVita to get it now:

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