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Tank007 TC18 flashlight is a high power and brightness multi-functional rechargeable LED flashlight. It is powered by 3 AAA battery or 1 x 18650 rechargeable battery and features focusing, directly charging, and magnet and is designed and manufactured according to Chinese police flashlight standard, best for military, police, outdoor searching and rescuing, camping, vehicle and machines maintenance and repair. The flashlight is with a 350 lumen output and 400 meter range is focused. It has three flash and two flash modes, the battery can be charged directly in the lamp body. It also can be used as a backup power source with a charged battery.

Main Parameters:
LED: Cree XP-E2
LED Lifespan: Above 80,000 hours
Max Brightness: 350 lumens
Throw Beam: 300m
Input Voltage: 3.0 - 4.5V
Output Level: 5 modes (High-Medium-Low-Strobe-SOS)
Power Source: 1*18650 Li-ion batteries or 3*AAA batteries
Waterproof: IPX-7
Anti Dropping Height: 1.5m

Product Features:
Tank007 TC18 can concentrate light to throw long beam as well as light close in wide angle.
● There is a high power LED light in the middle surrounded by three red, green and blue different color lights, which can meet some special requirement.
● The equipped signal diffuser can turn the flashlight to a signal lamp easily.
● With the white diffuser, it can be used as a table lamp for repair, camping and so on.
● Thanks to the magnet in the tail that can be strongly absorbed to metal surface, it can easily be fixed when users need to repair vehicles, machines, elevator, etc..
● Attack head can be used for self-protection in emergency, which can easily break automotive glass.
● This flashlight is specially added fluorescent silicone ring so that is can be easily found in darkness.
● No need of removing battery for charging for it support directly charging and charging in the car.
● This TC18 is also a power bank which can charge mobile phones, cameras, and other products.
● With battery box, this flashlight can use three AAA batteries as power source.
● Five modes to adjust the lighting type can meet different lighting needs.
● Head rotation switch, which is durable and easy to operate.
● Constant current circuit chip for constant brightness.
● IPX7 waterproof design, suitable for hunting, cycling, climbing, camping and other outdoor activities.
● It is super bright maximum 350 lumens and has strong power, the throw beam can be up to 300 meters and the light still not be reduced.

You went on a trip and you have a weak smartphone - no problem if you have the Tank007 TC18 that purchased from GearVita handy! Complete with a flashlight is an adapter and a USB cable, thanks to which you can recharge your gadget directly from the lithium battery of the flashlight.

Have you decided to have a dance party? Tank007 TC18 will be very useful, it's not just the presence of the strobe mode. In addition to the main LED, 3 additional color LEDs are installed in the flashlight - red, green and blue, which simulate light-emitting music in one of the flashlight modes.

If you also think it is a multi-functional and useful flashlight, you can check it here:

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