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Tank007 E01 - Mini Everyday Carry Flashlight
« on: September 29, 2018, 03:06:44 AM »
Tank007 E01 flashlight is based on the base of the F5 LED with a power of 20 lumens, has a smooth reflector, as well as 1 mode of operation. As for batteries, it is only powered by one rechargeable AAA battery. Thanks to the small compact body, this flashlight is portable and easy to carry here and there as you wish. Such a flashlight will be a necessary gift for everyone, a great helper in daily use and a key fob on the keys.

Main Parameters:
LED Lifespan: 8000 hours
Max Brightness: 20 lumens
Throw Beam: 10m
Output Levels: One mode
Power Source: One AAA battery
Input Voltage: 0.8V - 3.0V
Burn Time: 10 hours
Waterproof: IPX-6
Anti Dropping Height: 1.5m

Product Features:
Tank007 E01 is an ultra-portable mini flashlight only powered by one AAA battery.
● Head rotation switch, one-hand operation.
● E01 has one mode, and the max brightness is 20lm which can meet basic requirement of lighting.
● With the keychain, it is convenient for carrying.

Tank007 E01 is a basic flashlight that everyone must have. It doesn't take up space, portable and cheap, making it the most perfect companion for us. GearVita offers this charming flashlight for you with the price of $12.99:

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