Author Topic: Folomov KEY Charger -- a max 2A unique key chain charger for everyday carry  (Read 199 times)

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Folomov KEY Charger is a unique magnetic charger. It is a 18650 key chain charger. You can easily carry
it every day and use it anytime you want.

Max charging current up to 2A ---  More powerful than other single slot chargers. KEY Charger helps you
get full charged batteries quite fast.

Power bank function --- KEY Charger can make 18650/20700/21700 discharge and provide power to
other USB devices, such as cellphone.

Automatically detection --- Without connecting to power supply, KEY Charger can still detect remaining
capacity. From the green LEDs, you can easily know how much capacity is left and charging/discharging
status. Other chargers are not able to do this.



Official website:
Where to buy:
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Looks very convenient. Your A4 3A charger ROCKS, so this should be a good one as well.
Looks like a Surefire kind of day..