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Olight S1R Baton II - Born To Be Different
« on: November 08, 2018, 03:44:30 AM »
The Olight S1R II is the second generation of rechargeable side-switch EDC flagship flashlight powered by single CR123A/RCR123A. This extremely compact flashlight reaches an incredible max output of 1,000 lumens thanks to the included new high discharge rate battery. The second-generation TIR optic lens pushes the beam to a new level with unmatched clarity and balanced hotspot.

The magnetic rechargeable tailcap is integrated into a unibody design for a more streamlined and refined look producing a smaller profile. while retaining the classic look of the Baton series, the S1R II features an articulate texturized body pattern that provides a great feel resulting in a firmer grip than the previous generation.

The side switch features a 3-stage color battery level indicator, so you know what battery percentage range you have left in real time. The S1R II also comes with an upgraded MCC2 magnetic USB charging cable that Is more compact and offers a faster 1A charge rate.

Main Parameters:
LED: Cree XM-L2 CW
Max Performance: 1000 lumens
Peak Beam Distance: 145m
Peak Beam Intensity: 5250cd
Compatible Battery: Customised RCR123A IMR
Power Source: 1 550mAh IMR 16340
IP Rating: IPX8 (waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters)
Impact Resistance: 1.5 meters

Brightness Outputs and Runtime:
Level 1: 1000 ~ 300 lumens ( 1.5 ~ 37mins )
Level 2: 600 ~ 300 lumens ( 1.5 ~ 45mins )
Level 3: 60 lumens ( 3hrs 40mins )
Level 4: 12 lumens ( 20hrs )
Level 5: 0.5 lumens ( 8 days )

Product Features:
● 1000 Lumens Output
With the help of the all new customized 10C discharge current lithium-manganese battery, the S1R II delivers a huge output of 1000 lumens in a small pocket light powered only by a single IMR rechargeable battery.

● The Pursuit of The Perfect Grip
Small squared texture milling pattern for an extremely firm grip and great look.

● Premium Beam Profile
The S1R II utilizes an upgraded and optimized TIR optic that produces a perfectly balanced hotspot for optimal clarity with an increased light transmission rate of 3%. This produces a soft beam profile transmission that maintains comfortable vision during prolonged use.

● Three-color Power Level Indication
Once the light is turned on, the power indicator located in the center of the side switch shows the power level in three colors (green: power>60%, yellow: power is between 10% and 60%, red: power<10%).

● Highly Efficient MCC II Charger
This new round-edged magnetic USB charger is not only 13% thinner than the previous MCC but is also compatible with all existing rechargeable products (MCC II is not compatible with R50 Pro and PL Mini) with a faster 1A current charging speed.

● IPX8 Waterproof Rating
Rated for up to 2 meters under water without any damage.

● Compact and Light Weight
The S1R Baton II is extremely slim and compact at only 1.8oz/51g with the battery installed. While still easy for a firm grip in any sized hand, this flashlight can also fit in your pocket, attach to a belt loop or backpack strap while barely knowing it's there.

The S1R series is by far the most popular compact flashlight ever produced by Olight due to its incredible output, fantastic design, and convenient features. Get the ultimate every day carry flashlight from GearVita and enjoy the convenience it brings to you:

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