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Xiaomi Yeelight smart eye-protection desk lamp has a unique look and allows you to see it at a glance. Smart touch enabled, you can enjoy an innovative design without buttons. And it has many types of adjustable brightness, you can choose the color temperature and the favorite brightness level to study, relax or sleep. The lamp height can be adjusted for better visibility.

Product Features:
● A uniquely-crafted look with durable build that fits simply everywhere.
● Smart-touch enabled, easy to use, enjoy an innovative design with no buttons.
● Color temperature and brightness level can be adjusted to meet different requirements, such as studying, relaxing or sleeping.
● AA level illumination, produce light close to the natural spectrum.
● No blue light hazard, protect your eyes.
● Energy-efficient LED lamp emits non-ghosting and non-flickering lighting for eye protection.
● The color rendering index Ra is 95 or more, it can truly restore the color of natural light. The difference between dark blue and black can be distinguished even in the light, which allows children to see more realistic colors.
● Smart APP control, supports Mijia App and Yeelight, which can help kids to use their eyes scientifically.
●Set the timer button, long press two seconds to start eye-protection mode. When you use a certain time, light will flash softly to remind you to avoid excessive reading.
● Multi-spindle design which can adjust the height of the desk lamp for better visibility.

In order to prevent from using excessive eyes and eye fatigue, a good eye-protection desk lamp is essential, this Yeelight smart eye-protection desk lamp is the one you need. Buy from GearVita and care for your eyes from now on:

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