Author Topic: Xiaomi Yeelight Sensor Light with Soft Light, Will Not Disturb Your Night Sleep  (Read 114 times)

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This Xiaomi Mijia Yeelight Sensor Light adopts professional optical design and its soft light protect eyes from dazzling at night. With infrared sensor technology, the light turns on in the dark when it is detected a movement at a side margin of 2-3 meters or a distance of 5-7 meters, and after 15 seconds when you leave the sensing area, the light turns off automatically. Built-in 750mAh lithium battery, capable of running for more than 120 days at auto mode after fully charged.

Product Features:
● Easy to Install
▹ Suspension: Open the rear hook, Hang it in any position you need, easy and practical to operate.
▹ Pasteability: Tear the adhesive tape on the back and stick the light in any corner you need , such as hallways, stairs, lockers, headboard and entrance.
▹ Magnetizability: The product has a built-in magnet, can be adsorbed on the surface of a refrigerator or other magnetic access furniture.

● Long Operating Time
With a built-in 750mA high capacity lithium battery, charged by USB port once it can be used up to 120 days, it frees you from frequent charging problems.

● Human Body Infrared Sensor
120 degree detection angle, 5-7 meters detection distance on the front, 2-3 meters on the side. With the advanced photosensitive function, the light will turn on automatically in a dark environment.

● Two Lighting Modes
▹ Detection Mode: with a photosensitive and infrared human body sensor, the light comes on when people close and turn off when people are remain for 15 seconds.
▹ Constant Lighting Mode: clearly illuminate your night without pressure to find items at night.

● Warm White Light
Use of 2700K warm light, comfortable and warm light color temperature. Professional optical design, away from the reflection, do not disturb the night sleep in the family.

The intimate functions are placed in the yeelight sensor light with the distribution of soft petal-style light, built-in Fresnel lenses and photosensitive sensor. The price on GearVita is also very intimate, only at $15.19. Simple design that matches various decorations for the home, it is not only a light, but a perfect decoration:

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