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The Xiaomi Aqara ZNLDP12LM smart bulb can adjust the brightness and color temperature freely, it has built-in Zigbee wireless communication module. After binding the gateway device, it can flexibly realize remote control, time switch, and multi-device control. E27 interface, high-energy-saving LED bulb, large light-emitting area.

Product Features:
● Acrylic material, strong light transmission.
● Simple bulb design, practical and durable.
● E27 holder, easy to match.
● 9W low consumption, safe, energy-saving and environment friendly.
● The brightness and color temperature can be adjusted freely to meet a variety of scenes.
● Intelligent linkage, achieve more intelligent scenes with Mijia or Aqara other smart products to make life a little cooler.
● When someone comes, the light will be bright; when someone goes off, the light will turn off.
● Intelligent voice control, through the Siri, you can turn on the lights, adjust brightness and color temperature with a simple command.
● Time switch, you can set different lighting modes at different times, such as get up mode, reading mode, relaxation mode, etc..
● APP remote control, just turn on your phone and you can control the light anytime, anywhere.

The smart bulb is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, gardens, etc., you can get from GearVita. Not only the the small body exudes a lot of energy, but also the nice appearance will bring you a good mood:

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