Author Topic: Letís convert a 6v incandescent Battle Lantern into a 12v LED Battle Lantern  (Read 3332 times)

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Picked up three of these Battle Lanterns.  They are all large 2 by 6v in parallel incandescent flashlights.

I decided to restore all three as seen here:;boardseen#new

I looked into LED conversions and found them to be expensive.  The company that manufactures these today has a conversion.  Upon further research i found a vintage tractor site that had equivalent sized sealed beam LED bulbs.  So with minor effort it was almost a plug and play system.

The new LED sealed beams replaced the GE incandescent sealed beams perfectly but were 12v.  Well the lanterns contain two large 6v lantern batteries with the wiring for the incandescent bulbs in parallel supplying the bulb with 6 volts.

I did not want to irreversibly alter the lanterns so i removed the original wiring and brass battery contacts and fabricated new contacts in brass to replace the originals.  Also some new wiring to create the in series electrical system allowing the LED 12v sealed beams to function.

The original brass battery contacts:

You can see that they span the entire width of the lantern.  Here is a shot with the two batteries in place on the original wiring and brass contacts:

Here you can see the batteries and the bulb contacts that conveniently connect with the lantern contacts when the case is enclosed.

So now for the modifications which are easily reversible to original.  I cut four contacts out of brass but they are no longer spanning the complete width of the lantern.  This separates all four battery contacts into discrete units.:

A picture of the batteries and new LED sealed beam connections.  (Screw connections supplied with the bulbs)

A shot with the two batteries in place:

And now a comparison side by side of the luminosity of the incandescent and the LED conversion:

And a shot of them both off so you can see the sealed beam patterns:

Of course the two yellow were restored with sanding, fillling followed by more sanding and filling, sanding, priming then painting.  Followed by complete rewiring of all three, two yellow and the brown.  I will post that process later.

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Very nicely done !!