Author Topic: $150, tactical, single output @ 1,000+ lm for 1+hr  (Read 2639 times)

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$150, tactical, single output @ 1,000+ lm for 1+hr
« on: June 05, 2019, 09:29:52 PM »
Hi guys,
I recently posted about looking for a tactical light for my wife and myself. After reading further, I believe I know what we need. Hope to hear your suggestions:

Budget: $150 each, may go up if the light offers more
Battery: USB rechargeable
Output: Single-output
Lumen count: 1,000+
Use duration: 1hr + (full battery to dead battery at 1,000+ lumens: 1hr +)
Click: 1 tail button for on/off switch and momentary light
Quality: Tough (we want to buy it once and use it for years), water/splash proof
Length: 7 in or less

Currently, only the Surefire Fury DFT meets all of this. However, I read that it gets so hot after 5 minutes I canít hold it. My question now is how I can deal with this, and how long I should expect to be able to hold the light.

Hope to hear from you

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Re: $150, tactical, single output @ 1,000+ lm for 1+hr
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2019, 04:35:57 PM »
Welcome aboard.

Boy, so many options these days. But finding a light that small that can hold the 1000 lumens steady is a toughy.

Probably best to find a high candella light around 600 lumens since those can withstand their internal heat build up enough to not cause heat induced dimming from 1000 to about 600.

If 600 lumens can disorient a bad guy at 75 feet for example, 1000 lumens the reach might extend to 85 feet.
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Re: $150, tactical, single output @ 1,000+ lm for 1+hr
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2019, 09:26:08 AM »
Hi Acoording to your require ,I strongly recommend you the NITEOCRE P12GT or MH12GT, I have them both myself,NITECORE is a famous brand with honorable 5
years warranty,I can not say anything bad about their quality,the size of these two flashlights are very compact which is very convenient to use and carry
everyday,they both provide  1000 lumens powerful light,I love these lights,MH12GT is usb rechargeable,so it is a little bit more expensive than P12GT,I hope
you will like my recommendation.

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Re: $150, tactical, single output @ 1,000+ lm for 1+hr
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2019, 01:56:00 AM »

I have  both the IMALENT DN35 and the 70.
Small very reliable after several yrs.
Output covers Waaay more than what you want.
on 26650 single cells. IP 68 = WATERPROOF seriously.
Small comfortable in hand. 2200 turbo. 1400 High 2.2hrs.
Over all the lights I own. These 2 are MY favourite walkabouts.

Another. Convoy C8+. 1100ish drops to 900ish if on for longer but looong throw for $30/35.
No Internal charge. But I prefer that.
Another small comfortable single cell, 4 x Nichia or Cree beads. 18650 cell.
Astrolux S41 (I have 2.) they also do S42 and S43 models with side switch.
Decent throw and beautiful wide walkabout beam.

One thing I can never understand about people though..
Is the ONE cell does all.

NOT all internal chargers fill to rated max.
 hence "I" prefer External chargers.

How hard is it to put a spare cell in one of your pockets..
I NEVER go out walkabout  without a spare cell in pocket/bag.
No Matter which torch I use.

You can buy multiples of all above for your $150.
But, I've used very expensive and very cheap range torches over the yrs.
Mostly these mid range brands, have 12 month wty. Imalent 5 yr.
and build quality.reliability is to me. actually better than some of the much more exxy brands.