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Thrunite TH 01 *NEW* 18350 Headlamp /// Full Review
« on: December 24, 2019, 12:19:18 AM »
This is the ThruNite TH01 Headlamp , sent to me for review by Thrunite and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

Light can be found on Amazon ….. ….. or on the main thrunite site …….. (links are NON affiliated)

I was also asked to mention …… Buy a ThruNite TH01 flashlight and leave a review, and get a Ti3 flashlight for free…….

I will say that from my experience , ThruNite is not just posting the positive reviews as many companies do , but they ask for honest reviews and even have asked me to do more aggressive testing when reviewing their lights. re: water testing , freezing light , drop testing and such.

***Note*** I will get the run time charts up very soon………had something go wrong when I saved those in Word so have to do them again.

The TH01 came in a larger Amazon box with the ThruNite box inside that and everything was well packaged.
 The contents include the light itself , the 1100mAh 18350 cell , an extra holder for the light that attaches to the headband , 2 extra O-rings , an extra USB port cover , charging cable , instruction manual and thank you card.

This is a XHP 50 headlamp , using an 18350 cell , so it is very compact and comes in CW or NW. The head is a centered piece , instead of the offset 90 degree head as many of the new headlamps have.
The headband is the “3 piece” as many call it , with the strap that goes over the top of the head to help keep everything in place.
Shown here with the Olight H1R Nova (left) and the AA/14500 sized Thrunite TH20 (right) and also the TH 01 beside an 18650 cell.

All the anodizing looked great out of the box with no thin spots , pin pricks or anything of that nature.
The Branding or etching is well done on both sides of the light and on the end cap.

The LED is perfectly centered on my sample(s) in the Orange Peel reflector and those sit behind an AR coated lens. Shown here with the light OFF and also the LED with light turned on in Moon Mode.

There are gold plated springs in the light , the threads are well cut and were lightly lubed.

What little knurling there is on the ends of the light is done in the usual ThruNite fashion and is done well.
The switch and USB charging port are on the opposite end from the battery end cap.

The UI is a pretty simple one….a simple click to turn the light on or off…press and hold (about 1 1/2 second) for Firefly or Moon mode….for Low / Medium / High simply hold down the switch button to cycle through those modes and stop at the desired mode…….Turbo is 2 quick clicks from any mode (including off) and the hidden strobe is 3 quick clicks. Mode memory for L / M / H , simply turn the light off in any of these modes and it will remember that mode next time the light is turned on.

The beam is a broad (floody) coverage area , as with most headlamps and OP reflectors , but still this little light will let you see out to around 100 yards decently in the Turbo mode if needed.

Here are the still beamshots…..(these are the CW)

3 Feet … Moon / Low

Garage 25 Yards … Med / High / Turbo

Garage 50 Yards … High / Turbo

Garage 70 Yards …High / Turbo

Overall this little headlamp performs well and of course has the ThruNite quality that I have come to know over time. Great little headlamp in my opinion.

If there are any of the GIF pictures you would like to get a better look at here is the link to all the still pictures and beamshots……..

Video followed by listed specs……….

•LED: CREE XHP50 with a lifespan of 20+ years of run time.
•Runs on: 1 × 18350 1100mAh battery.
•Reflector: Orange reflector.
•Working voltage: 2.7V- 4.2V.
•Charging current/voltage: 2.7V- 4.2 V.

•Peak Beam Intensity: 4000cd.
•Max beam distance: 126 m.
•Impact resistant: 1.5 meters.
•Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard (2 meters).
•Weight: 52g without battery&head-strap.
•Dimensions: 64mm (Length) x 33.6mm x 28.5mm
•Accessories: Pocket clip x1, Rubber slot x1, ThruNite 1100MAH 18350 IMR battery x1, Spare O-rings x2, USB rubber plug x1, USB Charging Cable x1

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