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Not owning an SL3 or JM26 light, but owning several larger lights in need of a holster I purchased to see if it would serve my purpose.
The holster itself appears to be made from a very sturdy nylon material with a softer lining. Almost like a very thin layer of wet suit material.
All the edges have a reinforcing piping around the edges. This will also stop fraying. The plastic loop is made from a very hard plastic material and should last the life of the holster. All the seams are very neatly sewn with only a very few loose threads. Nothing to worry about on my sample.

The name suggests that this is for 26650 sized lights but 18650 lights with a big head fit fine in this holster as well.
The velcro appears to grip very well and also should last a long time. The only fault I have with the holster is that the flap could be about 30mm longer with a longer piece of velcro to suit so that lights with a taller a fatter head will also fit in this holster. If you look at the first picture on the website you can see what I mean. The velcro is only just gripping. A longer flap would solve this and make it far more universal.

To sum up I'm giving this holster a 9 out of 10. If it had the longer flap this would get a solid 10.



Flap width.

Side view.

A 34mm diameter tailcap will fit through comfortable. Any bigger than 37mm will be getting tight.

Lights tested are from left to right. Defiant ArmorMax 3C without the rubber buffers fitted, Trustfire TR-3T6, C8, HD2010, and finally my all time favorite light name, Dream Trip.

First up is the C8. Can you see it?

Secondly the HD2010. 63mm bezel, 24mm tailcap. This fits real nice.

Thirdly. Wait for it, the Dream Trip. 58mm bezel, 35mm cigar grip.

Fourthly the Trustfire TR 3T6. 55mm head, 50mm heat sink. From the end of the bezel to the opposite end of the heat sink is 65mm. The flap is to short to attach with this light. Tailcap fits no problem.

And finally the Defiant AmorMax 3C. This fits fine.

Hank from IOS has just sent me a picture showing the XinTD X3 also fits comfortably in this holster.
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Re: International Outdoor Store SL3/JM26 flashlight holster review.
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