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Maxtoch M1 Archer/// Totally Dedomed SST 40 /// Full Review
« on: October 25, 2018, 03:26:05 AM »
This is the Maxtoch M1 Archer sent to me for review and NO other compensation other than keeping the light.

(Links are NON affiliated)
You can find the M1 at ……

The M1 is available for purchase at the Aliexpress / Maxtoch site........

The M1 came well packaged and inside a plain brown Box from Maxtoch. Inside the Box was the nylon carry case with the light , lanyard , extra switch , switch boot and 2 extra O-rings.

The M1 is a C8 sized light styled very much like the 2X and M24 from Maxtoch.
Pictured here with the M24 (center) and a C8 (right)………

The Anodizing and the threads are all very well done with type III anodizing on the light. No bare , or thin spots have been found and no pin prick spots that I can detect.

The Branding or etching is well done.

The fins are well cut and somewhat deep and seem to handle the heat from the light well also.

There is no knurling so to speak on this light , but instead has lateral grooves cut in the tube with some fine lines cut across the higher edges. It does have a good grip to it though.

The stiff rubber “tactical” or cigar grip can be removed easily when the tailcap is off the light , if you do not like it and a clip for a 1 inch tube could be used in its place if desired , as there is a groove already there where the tactical ring sits.
Shown here with and without the tactical grip…….

The reflector was near perfect when inspected upon removal from the box and it is a heavy well made aluminum reflector.

The SST 40 emitter is perfectly centered and much to my amazement , it is TOTALLY Domeless. Thats right , somehow Maxtoch has totally dedomed the SST 40 , which I personally have not seen nor heard of being done before now with the SST40 emitter. Look closely , it is NOT a sliced or shaved emitter , but totally domeless.

The UI is very simple with H/M/L , NO blinky modes and does have mode memory , with a forward click switch for momentary on. Last used mode is memorized after 4 or more seconds in that mode , so the light will come back in the mode it is turned off in.

The beam from the dedomed SST 40 is a tight hotspot with useable spill for walking or such and the M1 shines well at longer distances for such a small light. The tint is also a nice tint to my eyes and is not nearly as blueish , as pretty much all the SST 40 emitters I have seen are , whether they were sliced , shaved , or had the dome on them.

I have noticed a very slight ring in the corona area at close distances when white wall hunting , but in real world use the slight ring is non existent.

50yds to gate L / M / H

100 yards to gate L / M / H

175yds to big tree M / H

400yds / High

400yds / Enlarged

Here are the charts on my testing of the M1……….

Overall the M1 Archer is a very well built light in a small package and has the build quality I have come to know from the Maxtoch products.

For those who do not wish to watch the whole video , but might like to see the live footage of the M1 Archer compared with the Acebeam L16 and a Convoy C8 with FET and dedomed emitter , that footage starts at 10:03 of the video timeline.

Video followed by listed specs……….

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Re: Maxtoch M1 Archer/// Totally Dedomed SST 40 /// Full Review
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2020, 03:53:18 AM »
Very nice review. Looks like a great light and I am surprised it rarely ever gets mentioned.