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Re: What have you got on order?
« Reply #60 on: April 12, 2017, 01:09:11 AM »
I've been looking for a nice little (not tiny)
LED torch for general use round home.
Power out emergency's and in car.

Have gone through the MXDL.  Sky-Ray XML-T6 (My most fav. Comfortable to use.)
V-Life. Skywolfeye, TLY-S21, and several others.
ALL cheapies, but with decent battery all work well.

Latest. and by far the best.Is a $10.45 del from China.
L2. that's it.(XML-L2) had for a month.
MUCH brighter than others. Ran on max for 40 mins. Battery went from 4,21 to 3.85
on Multimeter.
and still near ZERO heat in either heat sink or battery itself.

Well Made. smooth zoom action , Side sw. with internal charger..
I've ordered 2 more with Panasonic 3400 18650 Unprotected cells to go with them
2 pack, $20 del from China.

Hopefully I've found the one. Donate the rest.

One I'm disappointed in.

Underwater??  ELFELAND  3.7v. with 3 x XML T6 led's and 2 x 18650 cells.
Strong varied \not directional beam. runs very hot.
Had to turn off after 20 min's.
Panasonic cells were just as hot internally too.
You'd need 2 x if going anywhere, to use alternately and allow cooling.
Have ordered a 3 x T2 LED version.
Hopefully it'll run as cool as single version with same x 3 brightness.

Mate has work torches $85\125 ea.
Neither are any better. beam width\depth, or distance range. than this "L2"?
for $10.45.del.

How do they do it.
 You can get Panasonic\Sony\LG etc Battery's in Aust for only a few $$'s more than O\Seas.
Why not the torches?.

I've had this Sky-Ray T6 for 4ish yrs. Magic small torch for $8.75 del.
INCL Battery. charger and sheath.
You will NOT find a better small general local area use torch anywhere for any price.
Plus really fits nice in hand.

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Re: What have you got on order?
« Reply #61 on: July 06, 2017, 06:14:29 PM »
Just received the shipping notice for my Zebralight H600w Mk II. Grabbed it while they were available on sale, but it looks like the neutral tint version is no longer available on the company's website. I bought a Foursevens Quark Deep Pocket Clip to use with it.
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