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New Build. 18650 TIR XPG-2.
« on: December 22, 2013, 03:06:52 AM »
I promise this will be the last new build for the year. Having a conversation the other day with a member here it was decided one more light had to be built. All Blame goes to member ________r who may pop his head up at the appropriate time. If he doesn't I will dob him in anyway. As we speak this light is on board with Santa heading north to its new home. Well not quite but will be tomorrow. Its Sunday here.
There's not a lot new in this light. I just haven't built one like it. I have another light similar to this one with an XML in it driven at the same level so will take some beam shots tonight if possible for a comparison.
Firstly I'd like to show you my new parts tray. I wonder if the person that gave it to me recognises it? Its a biscuit tray and is the second light I've used it for storing it's components.

Firstly is the bezel. This holds the TIR in which is a press fit into the head.

The battery tube has been machined out in the centre for gripping with the second and third fingers during normal operation.

The tailcap has three anti roll drive screws which are yet to be fitted and drilled for a lanyard if one is to be fitted.

The head has small tiny fins that may but probably will do nothing for cooling. On high this light will get hot. The right picture is the TIR end.

The pill is the usual 20mm threaded one I use being 12mm long. LED is a cool white XPG-2 on a copper Sinkpad driven by a 3 mode 7135 driver at 3 amps on high. This leaves the XML driven at the same ]current and identical TIR for dead on the light meter. The driver is soldered into a FT driver adapter and then pressed into the pill.

Most of the parts in this light. The drive pins are missing.

The assembled light. Unfortunately I have not worked out how to seal this type of TIR so dirt and water may be susceptible to getting inside.

And finally a shot with a SolarForce L2M.

To the hard work spas has put in and all the members here thanks. Without forums like this I would have no doubt that I would not be building flashlights and be a lot richer money wise.
Have a happy Xmas and new year. Again, I will not bore you all with another light build this year. Cheers all. :)
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When the big picture is to big, look for a point you can start at and build from there.

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Re: New Build. 18650 TIR XPG-2.
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2013, 11:48:27 AM »
Steve this light is just fantastic. I could have sworn I replied to this thread - perhaps I'm going bonkers.....

Outstanding craftsmanship yet again and this light performs blindingly well too judging by the beamshots. Great stuff I love these build threads!

I hope you had a good Christmas and that the weather wasn't too hot down under for Christmas dinner :)