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Review: Plastic Storage Cases from
« on: August 07, 2013, 08:59:00 PM »

Plastic Flashlight Storage Boxes

* I received these storage boxes for review courtesy of

They come in 3 sizes - small, medium & large.  I like storage boxes for special lights but most are very expensive.  Even the smallest storage boxes by Otterbox and Plano are at least $10 and the prices on the larger sizes are much more.  Since you don't see boxes for prices like this at most places, especially for thiese low prices, I expressed an interest in them to Crystal from LightsCastle and she hooked me up with one of each size.


These boxes are a fraction of the price of better known high quality cases from Otterbox and Plano.  They are also not waterproof as claimed on LightsCastle's website.  While they are not of comparable quality to Otterbox and Plano they are still useful for storinng lights that, while of good quality, may get relegated to the flashlight drawer.  They are also good for storing your good lights so they don't get scratched up against other lights or objects while not in use.  For the price you can afford to by several in different sizes.

The first thing I noticed about them is that the plastic is not as hard as other cases I've seen.  Fine for storing flashlights and other objects that will fit inside, they are not designed for really abusive situations.  While I wouldn't use one as a step stool to help me reach a high shelf, I would feel safe with it if dropped from a shelf.  The latches snap firmly shut and will not pop open or their own or if dropped.  The softer plastic may actually be a good thing when protecting your valuables from hard shocks caused by dropping.  A hard brittle case might shatter more quickly and will definitely transfer more shock to your valuables inside.  They will definitely protect them from getting scratched.  Each size is also a different shade of green.  That may bother some folks but for others like me it's no big deal.

The second thing I noticed is that they are definitely not waterproof.  There is no gasket in the seals of any of the sizes.  With the boxes closed you can squeeze the cases and hear the air inside huffing in and out past the interlocks.  I did not bother watertesting them since I already know the outcome if you were to submerge them.  I wouldn't hesitate to expose them to rain but would never recommend submerging them.

The third thing I noticed is that the foam lining them is a little on the thin side, especially in the small and medium boxes.  The foam in the large box is an egg crate design and is very thick.  You can safely place multiple items inside the large case and not wirry about the items hitting eachother unless the box was dropped hard on it's side.  Without any additional padding in the small and medium boxes I wouldn't recommend storing more than one item unless you are not storing items for travel and feel comfortable that you wont drop it when moving it in or out of a drawer or shelf.

If you go to a craft store and purchse some egg crate foam that is thicker, you will feel much safer with the boxes and it won't cost much at all for the upgrade while saving you a bundle overall.

Small Case  $3.70 USD

Dimensions: 5.00 in x 3.50 in x 1.42 in (12.70 cm x 8.90 cm x 3.60 cm) 
Size: S

Color: Army green
Made of engineering plastic material
Inner size: 11.8 x 7.8cm
With strap

Each case is held closed by 4 latches.  Two on the one long side and one on each short edge.  The rear edge acts as the hinge.

Each box has two lanyard loops to act as the anchor point for the included lanyards.

Here you can see how thin the foam really is in the small and medium cases.  You can also see that there is no gasket in the seal to make these actually waterproof.  The design will keep rain and dirt out though.  Just don't submerge the box under water.

The small case is the perfect size for a Xeno E03.  A light as thin as the Xeno will not press tightly into the foam and if you shake the case the light will move around inside.  This is why I do not recommend storing more than one light in a case unless you upgrade the foam to a thicker egg crate style.

Even an L2M in shorty mode fits perfectly and closes fine.

Medium Case  $4.40 USD

Dimensions: 7.01 in x 4.65 in x 1.81 in (17.80 cm x 11.80 cm x 4.60 cm) 
Size: M

Color: Army green
Made of engineering plastic material
Inner size: 16.7 x 10.8cm
With strap

The medium box easily holds 2 or 3 P60 hosts.  You can see here how well the L2T fits in the case.

Below you can see how even an Ultrafire UF-T20 will fit inside and it still closes.  It's about as wide a head that will fit and the body easily fits lengthwise if placed at a slight angle.

Large Case  $6.20 USD

Dimensions: 10.16 in x 4.69 in x 2.72 in (25.80 cm x 11.90 cm x 6.90 cm) 
Size: L

Color: Army green
Made of engineering plastic material
Inner size: 24.5 x 10.8cm
With strap

The eggcrate foam in the large case provide much better padding than the two smaller sizes. THe textured surface helps the foam keep objects in place.

Even the Small Sun ZY-T13 fits inside the large case.  When closed there is a very slight buldge around the head when closed but it latches just fine.


Not the best storage boxes you can get.  Not by a longshot.  But for the money they are well worth the price for regular storage and transportation.

For around $5.50 USD (give or take a dollar depending on the size) you can easily justify getting several of these to store your better lights in.  Keep your light in the car?  Get one of these to store your light and keep it under the seat or in the glove box.  Easily worth a few dollars if it protects your light from getting messed up rolling around in the glove box, under the seat, or in the bed of your truck in the tool box.  Have some expensive lights you don't want getting scratched up or dusty?  Put it in one of these along with the owners manual, spare o-rings and lanyard to keep it all together in one place.  For $5 you can't go wrong.

Plan on storing your light in the boat or taking your light and some cells along with you on your white water camping trip?  Get yourself an Otterbox or Plano for $20 so you know they will stay dry.  Don't plan on swimming with your backpack on but want something to store your light in and toss in the backpack while camping?  Why spend $20 when you can get this for a fraction of the price.?


Please leave comments and feedback. ;)



I was easily able to remove the label by soaking it in hot water and rubbing it right off.  Some WD40 cleaned up the remaining adhesive spots and a final cleanup with soap and water to remove the WD40.

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Re: Review: Plastic Storage Cases from
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2016, 01:27:26 AM »
Excellent review - the photos are very good and very helpful.
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Re: Review: Plastic Storage Cases from
« Reply #2 on: October 27, 2016, 08:54:22 AM »
Very useful boxes (and review). Especially if you can't store your lights in a drawer, because the carton box is missing/torn. And if you don't want to put them in a display. Because SHMBO may be tempted to go shopping for all the things SHE likes. For those who want really watertight boxes on their travels, you can find them at:
-, also available in Europe
-, this is the Otterbox Drybox MkII company (they call it S3 now)
-, my SWM V10R-Ti2 came in one, also on eBay
Just to name a few.
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