Author Topic: Fancy Flashlights Hi Current 17mm 1xAA Two Group Torch Circuit Driver  (Read 5412 times)

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Tail cap amps

Led amps

LED voltage

Single Turnigy AA 2200 mAh LSD battery. Starting voltage 1.4v.















This driver was purchased from Fancy Flashlights. Link below

Specifications from Fancy Flashlights website.


PCB Thickness:1.6mm


Max Output Current:>800mA,

Good AA NiMH battery is recommended

Running 5 seconds on Low mode the light will flash, then you can change group by turning off and on.

Group I: 100%-50%-5%

Group II: 100%-50%-5%-Strobe-SOS


I had high expectations with this driver because of the hidden flashy modes and a high of .8 amp .It falls short at .65 amp which compared to other drivers tested by me is pretty good. Unfortunately this driver also has next mode memory which as I have stated before is useless. These drivers are not what I would call cheap and why manufacturers do this I don’t know. The two group modes work as described above. The height of the driver I had was 7.5mm, not 7mm as stated. The LED wires came soldered to the driver.

An XM-L LED was used for this testing.

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