Author Topic: New build. AA Twisty MK2.  (Read 3374 times)

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New build. AA Twisty MK2.
« on: August 07, 2013, 10:45:50 PM »
Another light with a few changes to the original. We'll start with the reflector. This one is full length and smaller in diameter,18mm after the 19mm thread was machined of.

The pill is the usual 20mm diameter a little shorter than the normal 12mm being 11mm long. To fix the earthing problem that is normal with an aluminium pill it has a FT copper adaptor pressed in with the driver earth ring soldered to it.

The battery tube has a small hump machined into the negative end which you may pick out in this shot.

This is the drill used to do this with. You can sort off see were it has been ground down in the middle.

The lens and reflector being smaller than the last build fit in from the threaded end. This allows an oring groove to be machined into the outer diameter right at the end off the housing.

The pigs nose has a larger hole in it for a belt or keyring clip to fit onto.

Add these bits and pieces together and you end up with this. The black cut oring fits at the very end of the battery tube. Its there so that when the light is twisted to turn on, it must compress this oring to make an earth contact. When you turn the light of the oring pushes the battery away from the earth contact while keeping pressure on the battery preventing it from flopping around.

A view from the reflector end assembly.

The belt clip in the pigs nose.

Would you believe that this light will tailstand?

With this reflector and XP-G2 led the hot spot  for this size light is not the usual flood you get. Its a very usable hot spot with a large spill.

The clip works like a charm on a belt loop.

Left to right. UltraFire UF-T20, Twisty and Trustfire Mini 02.
When the big picture is to big, look for a point you can start at and build from there.