Author Topic: Pocket-Sized P60/Mag D hybrid - BEAMSHOTS AND LUX NUMBERS  (Read 3159 times)

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Pocket-Sized P60/Mag D hybrid - BEAMSHOTS AND LUX NUMBERS
« on: August 08, 2013, 11:10:01 PM »

Who says that a Mag D can't be pocket-friendly?

 photo photo_18_zpsd036a0a2.jpg


 photo photo_28_zps7d522dd5.jpg


Here's the breakdown:

 photo photo_39_zps08ffe88d.jpg


The magic starts here:

 photo photo_19_zps3bdee1b5.jpg

Threading the inside:

 photo photo_29_zpsf0100a51.jpg


Finished part:

 photo photo_46_zps9abc4bb1.jpg

 photo photo_52_zps75973a8c.jpg


It looks good with a 2 x 18650 body too:

 photo photo_110_zpsb306d5a5.jpg


I think this is the funniest light I've ever made:

 photo photo_45_zpsa5bdb897.jpg


The biggest PITA is the threading; the Mag is a standard 20 TPI thread, but the P60 is a metric 1.25 mm pitch.  While very close, they are not the same and require a gear change on the lathe to cut metric threads.

Here's the solid copper pill:


Driver pocket:


Here's the side view.  The groove is for aerodynamics.  

Actually, I started the cut in the wrong place, and didn't want to waste the part.  Tongue Out



Here's the slug, nestled in the Solarforce body:


Copper-on-copper?  Yes, please !


Here's the business end:


Beamshots and lux/lumen measurements to follow.


I took a couple of beamshots of several torches tonight, including this light.  It measured 44000 lux@1m with a single IMR RCR123, running at 2.8 amps.

The 5000K XM-L2 is a very pleasant neutral-white, and not green at all.  The white balance on my camera shifted the color a bit.  

This was only the second light I've built that made Mrs. X say "wow!"

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Re: Pocket-Sized P60/Mag D hybrid - BEAMSHOTS AND LUX NUMBERS
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2013, 07:25:39 AM »
That must've been fun!

I wish maglite would incorporate Li-On batteries for their torches, because to be honest, a single 14500 torch running almost any LED at 100 lumens for twice as long as a 4D mag will power their incan for the same output or at least the same time as it will running an LED.

I mean, mag has always been to go-to torch for contractors, plumbers, repairmen, and even some old fashioned cops.

If only mag would make a higher quality host and a smaller size with more output and ability to use Li-On's, I will have to stop purchasing their torches.
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